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  1. Hi all I'm a new player to SC2 but an old time wargamer (World in flames, totaler krieg!, Advanced third reich, etc) A few comments from my first few plays (please feel free to comment back - that's the point ) : 1. Denmark seems absurdly rock hard. I spent about a year and needed half the Luftwaffe to take it down. And it doesn't seem that the northern most coastal hexes of Denmark are eligable for amphib assault. 2. Air-Naval interaction. Navy is king. This is back to front, land based air should be scary to naval units. In one game I had half the royal navy just lining up on the French coast smashign luftwaffe units to pieces. 3. Desert - again, the royal navy can line up on the coast and deal out punishment to the Italians - this rarely happened in real life. 4. Sub combat - the AI seems rather efficient at killing uboats, they get mobbed en-mass. very ahistorical. Not sure i like the whole uboat combat system, seems too zoomed in. Perhaps a counter system a la 'europe engulfed' would have worked better. 5.Naval combat - again, turns into a punch-counterpunch with units lined up along side each other. Doesn't seem to represent much of anything. Real life naval engagements were rather fluid with units evading each other and being hard to spot even in the day without uboat and air scouts pointing them out. There is no search mechanic at all here. Also seems you can build 'walls' of naval units to prevent enemy penetration. Again, this has no bearing in real life. all comments welcome..
  2. Hi all. I remember trying this game out awhile ago & posting about subs - as i remember you could build a 'wall' of DD's to stop AXIS uboat traffic through the North Sea. When they attempted to transit, they would bumb into a DD and that would stop their turn - not very realistic - it's a BIG sea out there! It was stated at the time that this would be fixed in the new patch - anybody know if it has been? Thanks all Stu.
  3. Hi all. I recently got this game & played as the Allies. For the most part the rules seem to work just fine however subs don't seem to work. I started off chasing the axis subs around the sea lanes but quickly learned that it's possible to 'blockade' the axis sub fleet by building a wall of cruisers - even battleships 2 tiles apart. When the subs move adjacent they stop & have to fight. This seems unrealistic in that the whole concept of submarine warfare is stealth - they can go around enemy combatants or avoid them at their leisure. I am interested in any comments on what others think & also is there a modification to this that anyone can suggest? Stu.
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