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  1. I'm struggling to find Mapping Mission itself on the website... is there a particular author or filename I should be looking for?
  2. That'd be just fantastic Cranky, I'm very grateful. Email on it's way! Peter
  3. Hello there McAuliffe, I'm afraid this is of no use for your query, but I'm really keen to track down a copy of these 'Mapping Mission' and 'Map Converter' utilities, and as I seem to be about 5 years late I'm not having much luck! Do you by any chance have a copy of either that you might be able to send me? I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm dredging up this old post in the hope that someone might know where I can download Pyewacket's map converter. Any ideas, anyone? The weblink to the author's site is long-dead...
  5. Hi there, the bundle pack wouldn't install the modules separately, so I re-installed the Paradox base game, patched it to 1.10 with the Paradox patch (instead of leaving it to Marines in the bundle pack to patch to 1.10), and then installed the Marines + British bundle before adding the 1.21 patch. It's now working perfectly and I have just enjoyed a cracking game! Many thanks again for your prompt help Schrullenhaft!
  6. Thanks Schrullenhaft, the bundle pack wanted to install British Forces first, so maybe that's the issue... I'll uninstall the lot then make sure Marines installs first this time. I'll let you know how I get on, your help is grealy appreciated.
  7. Hello there, I have the Paradox base game, reinstalled it fresh today, then purchased the Marines + British forces bundle pack and installed them as well. I then found this black texture at redraw distance problem, so installled the 1.21 patch and updated graphics drivers to latest version, but it made no difference. On some graphics settings, the whole map is black. Buildings and vehicles, soldiers etc all display normally and performance seems good otherwise. I'm running a fully-updated version of XP on a GeForce 8800 with the latest drivers. When running the base game without patches or modules, the map displays normally. Any ideas, anyone? I'm dying to get stuck into the game! Thanks, Peter
  8. Couldn't agree more - not that I have any problem with some convincing graphics, but it's the knowledge that the battle you fight will have long-term consequences that really brings the situation to life and creates immersion. It makes you care about the game so much more!
  9. That's really sad news. That being said, if anyone was smart enough to get that source code up and working I'd still very gladly fork out thirty quid (or more) to them - and I'm guessing I'm not the only one...?
  10. Awesome news... but most importantly THANKS to the team for keeping us in touch. I never doubted it was alive... honest...
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