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  1. For CMAK I have some 'scenarios' which are in effect equipment parades showing all infantry units and vehicles of a particular nationality. I want the same for CMBB if possible but I cannot remember where I got the CMAK ones from. Can anyone help? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks all. Well, there were real operations in which raiders landed by parachute or boat, did something, then withdrew. Even if there weren't many of the Hollywood variety, I would still like to simulate them. At the moment I'm thinking about a delaying operation, perhaps France 1940, in which the player must prevent the AI from exiting the map by blowing a bridge or blocking a road or something. I could block a road with trucks, but then how do I abandon them where I want them?
  3. I am trying to build scenarios of the 'caper' variety, by which I mean battles which involve blowing up a bridge, destroying an installation of some kind, assassinating a general etc. Unfortunately CM doesn't seem suited to this kind of scenario. There isn't a 'target' unit - unless an unarmed pillbox could be used. But then why would the AI defend it? I would have to include a flag somewhere I guess. I hit upon the idea of using an artillery spotter to simulate a general to be assassinated. Perhaps this could work. Any thoughts?
  4. I am a relative newbie here, so bear with me if this has been covered (as I'm sure it has). I was fooling around with the Golzow scenario when I decided to give the Germans an Assault Boat, to see what would happen (there is no water on the map). I found that it appeared if I played as the Germans, but if I tried playing as the Russians I could not play against the AI. No one-player option was shown. I could play two-player hotseat, but not against AI Germans. If anyone has an explanation then I'd like to hear it. :confused:
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