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  1. TheForger! I am really enjoying this scenario. Cut the map right down the center... and attempting to get my armor across now. I really like the "Close with and destroy the enemy with firepower and maneuver!" Recon elements are essential in this one. Only about 45 minutes into it.... but, I like it... I like it a lot.
  2. I'm glad it's not out yet.... Just started working on a Shock Force 2 scenario. I have a Red Thunder on the back burner (because I got interested in SFCM2).... I have two Final Blitzkriegs almost done. However, I keep adding more to them. I stopped when my interest went to Black Sea.... worked on this outstanding scenario until I started working on a river crossing with the 36th Division in Italy... Then went back to updating my Primesole Bridge scenario.... then went back to my Monty Butchers update.... then went back to a Sherman platoon making contact with two Tigers (Keeping adding to that).... Then started working on my shock Force 2 scenario..... Yeah, I can wait. No problem here at all.
  3. I was updating my Primesole Bridge scenario..... when I suddenly realized my German paratroopers are in the wrong uniform! Anybody having this issue?
  4. 4 or 5 vehicles in one AI Group has a tendency to create group clustering. I've tried every possible way to avoid it.... However, it happens a lot. The answer is, bring the vehicle per AI group down to one or two. The key to success for the Combat Missions editor is to add more AI groups in the editor or create small scenarios.
  5. AI groups at 16 limit the editor. As in the previous post a company of tanks (3 Platoons) receive A2, A3, A4... the riding infantry company (3 Platoons) would be A5, A6, A7..... Now, if you design the scenario with a command section A8, then you have essentially used half of your editor allotment of groups. This also is a waste of units in these groups. When I design my scenarios I often use two groups per platoon. So, my riding infantry company would be A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, and A10. Also, any support weapons would be A11, A12 (Mortars, Heavy Machine guns). A1 is static positions. What I am saying is, I use 12 groups for a company of tanks and infantry. If I had another company of tanks and infantry I would need 23 groups to effectively design my scenario the way I would like to. I fail to complete most of my scenarios because I can't get my units to do what I want them to.... simply because of the group restriction. In fact, most of my scenarios are about the size of Battalion on the computer side.... I can't believe I am the only one having this issue.
  6. I totally agree with 32 AI Groups! I am always designing AI with a combination of units I really do not want together... simply because I have run short of AI groups. 8 was severely restrictive, 16 is only slightly better. However, 32 would be outstanding!
  7. This is an interesting topic indeed. In a combat situation, with known enemy spotted in the area, a smoke screen to the front would initiate immediate suppression fire from an infantry rifle company (or platoon). There is no "waiting" until you see the enemy. The smoke deployment would mean the enemy is attempting a flanking maneuver or an advance (or hopefully a withdrawal). The infantry organization's life would depend on an aggressive reaction. So, I firmly believe we should be able to area fire into a smoke screen. A smoke screen is not a "Secret hiding spot" or "Safe Space".... it's extremely noticeable and would cause life saving reaction fire.
  8. These look great and I am using them. However, is there any chance you could mod the Russian BMP 3 with a camo pattern too?
  9. Wow! The late 80's MRE! I still remember them. The Pork Patty was awful and most of time you had to eat it dry. Watching those videos brought back alot of memories.... some good, some bad.
  10. Hey all, I am doing a bigger better more brutal Monty's Butchers. But, I am a putting vehicles from the Extra Vehicle Addons. Will players without the extra vehicle Addons not be able to play the scenario?
  11. Warts 'n' all! Sorry I missed this post. You were able to get the Axis to surrender with 22 minutes left on the clock? Outstanding job, sir! I never tested the scenario with a German surrender possibility. Any Soviet units on the map that had not crossed the 'Exit' line would have been counted against you or it didn't count your units that crossed after the surrender. Any way, In any event, if you made the Germans surrender then you flat out won the campaign. Again, great job indeed!
  12. They are touch objectives. Did you reach one on your first attempt with this scenario? If you did, outstanding job sir!
  13. Don't worry too much about casualties. In the book Marshal K.K. Rokossovky: The Red Army Gentlemen Cammander, the author explains that Rokossovky was a masterful general. However, he criticizes the nature of the general's principle strategy of "Do at all cost." Little value was placed on holding down casualties. Rokossovky's Impasse Campaign is designed based on that strategy.
  14. Landser, Once you have taken Objective Red and set a perimeter it's okay to reach out to the other objectives. The objectives simply add points to the campaign. It's all up to the commander to decide (the player). However, the next scenario your units consolidate back to the defensive perimeter of Objective Red. I designed the next two objectives to challenge the aggressive player and bring up the Soviet body count. Also, damage inflicted to the German force reduces their numbers at the stronghold scenario.
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