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  1. 1st screenshoot,left Russian on his shoulder 2nd screenshoot,left russian on his back
  2. yes,it shows in the screenshoot
  3. wow,I see some now thing on one of these russian's back?😏
  4. can not waiting will this lovely game released in May?
  5. that sounds great. will existed qb maps which made by players change when switch the region
  6. I think kv-1 even kv-85 will not be included 😭
  7. I remember there are only carbin m38 in the game now,hope there will be m44 in DLC
  8. the russian in the APC,wearing greatcoat!!
  9. Wondeful! may I desire greatcoat? and the svt-40 magazine lost bug will be fix in the dlc?😝
  10. can i see some russian soldiers in winter clother😏
  11. keep on working. I think when I finish resident evil 3, and play half month mount and blade 2. The great CMRT FR will come to me
  12. yeah,maybe。 so I buy the game by myself now,I aslo don't want to find out which my friend said is right or wrong.
  13. I saw some software store when I in collage since 2003 to 2007.and this kind of store sold cd such as this one in the picture. The disc in this picture was clearly a fake, and some pirates had packaged it as if it were copyrighted software. I aslo played pirate CMBB sinice 2006-2008,sorry for that. when from 2010 to 2014, we(about 10+ chinese player) give money to a friend who lived in USA,he helped me buy the CMSF,CMBN,CMFI,CMRT and DLC with them,because we did not how to buy the game self at that time. my friend give us the actived key to run the game. Through this time I still didn't know there are a account in bfc.com which the game key binding with it.I aslo register the fourm in 2006,and I thought there are only fourm account ,no store account. In 2014 ,after we play the cmrt for several days,some player and I found the actived key were all the same.We gave 10+ times money,and only one key?! So we asked the friend in America,he said it seems only one key in one account ,no matter how many times the money.From that time ,I found the exist of the account in bfc.com and game binding with it. Now I have a account in bfc.com and bought most of CM game besides cmsf2 and cma.Some key which bought through the friend's account were lose efficacy,so I bought the game again binding with my own account. I aslo wait the DLC of CMRT for nearly 6 years.hope before the May in 2020.
  14. yes,after the account find back,may be I will change it to gmail
  15. now when I try to input my usename and emailadress again,it shows "Can not find specified username and email address in database can not login in can not reactive can not receive reply .
  16. I have send message to helpdesk and steve's bfc emailadress,but I haven't receive any reply yet.
  17. I can not receive the message from bfc by using the existing email adress! If I can not reactive my old account,I may lost all the CM games which have been bought! my store usename is "wangjiamiao"
  18. I live in CHINA,I can 't directly login on to the official website since 2012. JUST NOW ,I can directly log on to the official website without using VPN. BTW:CMFB is so great! Hoping the first DLC of CMRT will come out in 2016
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