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  1. there are no CM player in my city except me😂. according to the years past,I think there may be only 1000 people ever played CM in china mainland. And It is estimated that there are about 20-100 players offen play CM. the game rating system of steam may cause problem. for exanple,once a player never played such game like CM ,GTMF. He only played the wargame rts such as company of hero etc. First the CM 3D graphic may attract him,but when he play it,the complex system may let him give a “not recommend”. however,I hope this will not happen.
  2. wonderful,I didnt buy cmsf2 yet. but I now believe the WW2 title steam key will soon come to me ,when the WW2 title get out on steam😃
  3. how about key which buy from bfc store.,will we recive the steam key?
  4. I tried CMRT map “getting ugly”,the soviet soldiers now can quick and fast 100-200meter have less retreat and suppress
  5. yes,the weather can choose snow also ground can choose snow,but the ground texture missed ,just waiting for the dlc to let the ground become white.
  6. yes,the russian will win!
  7. I'm sure some of these ideas have been said many times. 1.Fire ,which can spread with tree,grass,wind. can affecr morale.can kill people. this one existed in CMx1,but lost in CMx2. 2.melee attack 3.random map generate, I think the reason of this one lost in CMx2 is the AI PLAN can not random generate, because of the ai plan is more complex than CMx1 4.dynamic weather, 5.CQB system in the command UI. perharps one(more) of these hope can be added in engine5.0😝
  8. good job! 6 years after the cmrt come out,I have been waiting for the dlc
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