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  1. yes,after the account find back,may be I will change it to gmail
  2. now when I try to input my usename and emailadress again,it shows "Can not find specified username and email address in database can not login in can not reactive can not receive reply .
  3. I have send message to helpdesk and steve's bfc emailadress,but I haven't receive any reply yet.
  4. I can not receive the message from bfc by using the existing email adress! If I can not reactive my old account,I may lost all the CM games which have been bought! my store usename is "wangjiamiao"
  5. I live in CHINA,I can 't directly login on to the official website since 2012. JUST NOW ,I can directly log on to the official website without using VPN. BTW:CMFB is so great! Hoping the first DLC of CMRT will come out in 2016
  6. Where is the "DOWNLOAD ONLY"selection? I live in ASIA,I only want to buy the game and just download,I don't want to mail. BUT there is only "download and mail"in the store.
  7. I hope I can finish the game in 10 days,and wait for the CMFB COME OUT!
  8. I dislike the US gear in CMFI, but now in CMFB the US soldier's backbag come back! I like it.please do not remove it!
  9. I selected the sniper team also from scenario and QB where I selected a separate sniper team. all of them don't have ammo pouch
  10. A Chinese player,sorry for my ENGLISH language . I have played CMRT since it came out .I found that the soviet sharpshooter don't have Ammo Pouch, I thought it was normal until I saw a video ,in the video the soviet sharpshooter does have Ammo Pouch. SO I want to know is it a bug only happen on my own computer ?
  11. I found that in CM*2 games,soldier's leg are too long. Am I the only one found this?I hope I was wrong. maybe bfc can adjust the model or the animation?
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