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  1. Hi, finally beat the allies on easy mode in WaW :0 Id like to try editing some stuff. When I try to load it, it says I need directX7 or above? I have direct X 11... any help on that issue? I have Windows Vista. Also, I tried downloading patch 1.06 and it wont let me. It says an error occurs while trying to replacesting file.. It downloads a bit then stop and gives me that error. Any help? Thanks.
  2. 1. How does motorization work? Sometimes my guys drive, and other times they walk. Do you have to keep upgrading motorization, is it like a use once thing? Does motorization2 let you go further? 2. How do you see ships in the ocean? MY planes seem unable to spot them, any ideas? 3. What do you do with anti tank units as germany, put them in france? 4. Is bombing a besieged city with strategic bombers a good idea? It does not seem to hurt the defender, but do people do it to reduce the city supply? Does that make it easier to take the city? 5. Is there any way to stop malta from hurting the axis supply line without just capturing it? 6. Any advice on taking north africa? So far i basically have to operate 6 airplanes there to have a chance. 7. How far do the long range plane upgrades send paratroopers? Is it a good investment? Thx
  3. I just bought sc2 blitz. I played the first one for a million years. I do not understand how to land troops? Do you always have to use amphib assault? Can you attack another country using just transport? Is it possible to take a port without taki g a city? My main question is how come i cant always land my troops? So Sometimes i have clear weather and amphib assault and still it wont let me land them? Unrelated, hhow do rail and road work, do you have try travel right along them? Also, what do engineers do? Thx
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