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  1. Splendid! Thank you for the prompt reply.
  2. Hey kohlenklau, I hope this message finds you well. Is there a chance I can get my hands on the Italian uniform mods from the screenie above please.
  3. What an ingenious system. How come you never mentioned this over at FGM?
  4. Enjoyable AAR to read, can't wait for the final chapter. @IICptMillerII
  5. The trick with GIMP is to add a transparent layer and draw the arrow then adjust the layer's optic.
  6. A question regarding command and control, if the platoon leader is killed or if the platoon HQ is wiped out are any fire orders/movement orders allowed at all?
  7. ..... and coming up with a 'what if' scenarios. So I was having a look along the front line (the red DMZ below). I found the front line with trenches! See the buildings are all flattened.
  8. I remember seeing that exact thing in CMBB many moons ago, very rare occurrence.
  9. Has anyone got the rules on how to play the campaign for this?
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