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  1. ..... and coming up with a 'what if' scenarios. So I was having a look along the front line (the red DMZ below). I found the front line with trenches! See the buildings are all flattened.
  2. I remember seeing that exact thing in CMBB many moons ago, very rare occurrence.
  3. Has anyone got the rules on how to play the campaign for this?
  4. I sure did. Here's a screenshot. Only German units have Asian faces, weird, do I have to rename the files something?
  5. I seem to be having trouble trying to install these mods, any help?
  6. @kohlenklau good to see your still playing/modding CM, thought the community lost for good.
  7. Excellent work. Can't wait to see it finished.
  8. I upgraded to windows 10 last week, I have to keep on reinstalling CMFI Gustav Line and the v3.00 patch every 15 - 10 PBEM's I play.
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