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  1. I've read that book. It's in both languages, Finnish and English.
  2. With some(great amount usually)luck ATR's can save you. I was playing an operation against my friend. I played as Germans and he as Brits. I was defending a hill and he attack with lot's of tanks. My few eighty-eight's were able to hold of his advance for quite long time, but due my crappy supply situation(eighty-eight's ran out of ammo) he was able to get to the hill i was defending. My two tank hunter teams were dealing with one of his two Matildas(which they knock out but ran out of AT-weapons), while the another Matilda rumbled towards top of the hill. My troops didn't have any AT-weapons left expect one PzB39 ATR. This puny ATR kept firing and finally it destroyed the Matildas track! It got immobilized in to a position where it couldn't give cover fire for his attacking infantry. This heroic ATR saved me from defeat. I was able to conduct a counter-attack and regain lost my trenches. Lesson of this story: Never underestimate ATR's
  3. I'd say most of the troops should be green/regular. If i remember correctly Hungary's armored forces sucked quite much.
  4. I've encountered this problem too in CMBO and CMBB
  5. I'd rather have an extra platoon of infantry. All the best Andreas </font>
  6. When enemy soldiers surrender do you get some kind benefit from it? Expect less soldiers to fight yours. Like some kind intelligence bonus or something?
  7. T-26 is a piece of crap but it's better then no tanks at all.
  8. So ridicolous. I shall try this Sherman dancing around Stug trick in CM.
  9. Hello Long time ago i noticed that there are no CM website's or forums for finnish fans and players(or i haven't just found them).Finally i have made my own thanks to the free hosting by phpBB. So i proudly present Combat Mission Finnish HQ Forum needs a little bit work but i think it's ready for action.
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