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  1. OK, here's the latest.....I used the hotfix on my downloaded demo (thought it would go to both my bought download and the demo...but not so on the purchased download) and it worked! I'm playing the game and it looks good! What will happen when my hour is up? Because I've already purchased the game! Will I be able to use my bought license #? If so it may solve my problem. Any help or suggestions here would be appreciated. Mahalo.....
  2. Here is a synopsis of what has been done. Downloaded setup 2 times to make sure the exe was not corrupt. Installed as and not as administrator. Uninstalled and rebooted each time in between, I disabled my antivirus protection during installs. The program goes though and installs but when i try to run it nothing happens, it shows up in my task manager as korea.exe but just sits there and never fully launches. The license page never shows up either. I am running windows 7 64-bit edition. i-7 processor, with 12GB of ram, Radeon HD 6800 graphics card.
  3. Not being nasty.....because I love TOW, that's why I have purchased ALL of them.....but whatever.....
  4. The bottom line is that it will not install now! How is the confusing "ticket" process going to help resolve this problem? I purchased the game as a download tried to install it and it will not install! I did a fresh download, tried to install, and the installation process stops with the above message. So, run as admin? Or not?
  5. Just tried a new download and installation.....NO DEAL...same message...unless I can get this resolved soon I want my money back! I've been having nothing but problems recently with TOW products and Battlefront. Licensing problems, and now this!
  6. OK, downloaded the game and tried to install it and it wouldn't start up. Had a feeling it was working out of the wrong place on the computer. Were the original download was stored. Everything went correct on the installation new adobe and direct X. Re-started the computer and clicked on the icon.....NOTHING! So I un-installed the game and put the download in the (what I thought was the correct place) C program files and tried a new install...it started with the installation and right away I get "An error occurred while trying to replace the exixting file: DeleteFile failed code 32. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. Click retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation." Well, I've tried all options here and nothing seems to work! Anyone able to tell me were to go from here...horribly frustrated! A new fresh download? What? Any help would be appreciated. Mahalo.....
  7. I'm getting a new "Black Pearl" PC soon and since I like and have all the TOW games series I will most likely purchase "Korea". I just find 1 hour too short of a time period to mess around with the demo. So these styles of demo's don't cut it for me!
  8. I haven't played the demo either...because of the time limit! The other TOW demo's were not like this one! I don't think you can get a real feel for the game in 60 mins. Sorry!
  9. Can't finish even one battle in that time! How bout a demo like the old TOW's? One or two battles to see how things really work. Barely able to read new stuff and "Bingo" over and done.....buy it or else. LOL!
  10. My God Sneaksie...the double left click worked!!! I'll play it sometime tomorrow and see what happens. It's 1:30 AM here so not going to get into it now...LOL! Mahalo.....(that's thanks in Hawaiian by the way).
  11. Dam, I'm glad someone else has this problem (well, I'm not really happy for both of us because we want it to work) but it does show that their is some other problem (in the inter-phase?) that will not allow us to apply a hot-key command. It's got me in a quandary alright! Mahalo,
  12. When I left click the area lights up but I cannot type anything in! No typing in of any letters or numbers in any of the lit -up areas. Isn't it kind of unusual that nothing can be typed in? I've never seen that before.
  13. OK sneak...got the right place for the cheat win command but I cannot type a letter into the hot-key spot and I used U...because it is not being used as another hot-key! I just cannot type in any hot-key in the space. Maybe, I'm a bit stupid here...but I thought something typed in this spot should go. Any other ideas about why I cannot put a hot-key in that space (cheat win mission) or even (cheat lose mission). This is strange to me because I've applied hot keys before in other games and it worked??? Mahalo, for the advice though.
  14. I have checked (already) ignore mission fail! And I did install the hotfix (even though I don't like to add a new download system) but when I extracted the hotfix and put it in the game file it did say Access denied. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass! And I'm not a nooby...I have all the TOW games and I usually play them a lot. Things just seem to be a little unusual. I'll see what happens next time. Other than that, what can I say. Mahalo, anyway......
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