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  1. Hi guys I want to reinstall CM-BN on my new rig but not into the USERS folder like the first time. The installer doesn't give me any choice though . Is there a mean to circumvent it other than moving manually the files ? And in this latter case, will I have problems in patching to v111 and then later on moving up to version 2 ? Thanks in advance. Dominique
  2. Hi everybody After years playing CM1 games on an older computer, I got at last myself CM-BN . Could somebody shed some light on how to use properly the HQ Support team attached to the weapon platoon and XO team attached to the Company HQ. Are they just spatial relays allowing the commanders to stay behind ? Dominique
  3. This is a strong point in the CM franchise and as my computer is at minimum requirement level I'd appreciate to have smaller scenarios in ToW2. Dominique
  4. Thanks Kingfish, it does ! As mockups of river flat fishing boats, but there are three of them on the AI OpFor side. You've just saved me a lot a trials and errors to find where was the problem.
  5. After having played years with CMBO et CMAK I'm making my first scenario. It's almost finished but all of a sudden I don't have the one player option anymore in Choose Game Type , only the 3 multiplayer ones, hotseat, email and TCP-IP. What am I missing ?
  6. thanks for the infos, appreciated.
  7. I've been playing to CMBO and CMAK for years. As I am reading an excellent book on the Guadalcanal campaign I am struck by the adequacy of CM engine to the kind of fight Marines had to cope with : invasion of Tulagi or the Tenauru August 42 affair for isntance. Was there any though to add a new installement on the War in the Pacific (hence CMWP ) or maybe some mods exist to adapt CMAK ? just a thought...
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