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  1. I just downloaded the patch and the framerate is just horrible. I've tried some of the suggestions in your faq, but it's just odd, because I've never experienced this before because my rig is good enough to run even current flight simulators with all the detail settings set on high without problems. Seriously, would I still have to bend over backwards for the real game as I'm doing for the demo?
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    How many troops/vehicles can you command in a single scenario? It looks like you command a smaller force than is possible in CM.
  3. Is there any difference between the game I can get via Battlefront and that I can get via Strategy First? I mean, will all the same patches and mods be usable no matter where I get it?
  4. I have neither SC1 or SC2, but I've been looking at each lately and I was wondering. WHY did the developers switch from a hex-grid to a square grid??? It doesn't make sense to me, as the wargamer that I am. It seems that so many important additions were made to SC2, but they went backwards in this most basic area. Is there a reason for this I'm not aware of?
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