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  1. Great missions, oh um... where's mission editor oO I have absolutely no idea where to find them, this game was installed by my friend and so i haven't got a clue as to how everything works and where everything is
  2. This may sound quite silly but how do you end a mission? Right now, (in campaign and single mission mode) when ever I'm victorious I still have to exit to main menu via the "ESC, Exit to Main Menu" route. Is there another way (perhaps the "proper" way) to finish a mission? One that takes you directly to the next mission or takes you back to campaign menu??
  3. Normally, if you installed it from the CD the utility should show up in the start menu alongside "T-72 game" but since they said that they don't have that utility with Steam then I'd guess there is no way to tweak anything... sorry.
  4. This may sound like a silly question but um... how do i get back to the campaign menu after a victorious mission without using the "exit to menu button"? I just got the game so... Not very sure on how everything works yet.
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