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  1. TankHunter

    CV90 bells and whistles

    As regards the ABM, the rounds can be fired in 2 or 3 round bursts (forgot which, I'll have to check after work tomorrow) or as singles. They can also be programmed to act like normal HE rounds and detonate on impact. In the ABM mode they can be used against helicopters or ground targets IIRC. I don't think they have a proximity mode though. It has a rather low ready ammo store, so they can blow through ammo quickly, and they aren't that quick to reload as I remember.
  2. TankHunter

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Have WINRAR? If not, get it.
  3. I always love getting in close and watching the pixeltroopers in their various struggles with their opponents.
  4. TankHunter

    The state of CMSF2

    It will be worth the wait for the kinks to be ironed out.
  5. TankHunter

    They meant september of next year!

    I did the same. But what are they going to do? Say "oh, a nasty bug popped up and we are trying to resolve it"? That is probably a good thing to assume is what happened. I expect it will be released whenever they fix the issues.
  6. TankHunter

    They meant september of next year!

    If that happens I'm taking a sicky on Monday. I think I feel a cold coming... :cough:
  7. TankHunter

    They meant september of next year!

    It's my impression that the bulk of the folks at Grogheads have a fairly unrealistic view as regards customer service. I've seen it with other games of similar dev team sizes where they have heaped abused because of "x, y or z."
  8. Re: OP, are we sure that it does not include the T-62 as part of a typical Soviet tank and crew? As far as I'm aware they were notorious for taking a long time to load as a result of ergonomic/ammunition placement issues.
  9. TankHunter

    Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?

    I haven't seen the footage so I have a potentially silly question. The question that I have is how do you know that the footage was in the combat area? Were there destroyed vehicles in the area or other evidence of combat, or was it just labled as such?
  10. TankHunter

    Just A Comment

    I don't know about anyone else, but me, personally, I would pay 50 dollars or more for an update to CMSF to bring it up to date with the newest Combat Mission games as regards the features. Especially if some of the graphics were worked on. Its definitely been a favorite of mine through the years and its definitely topical. I'll crawl back into my cave now.
  11. Is it possible to unpack a .CAM file and use the maps/missions inside of it?
  12. TankHunter


    If you guys want modern war but are not keen on China/Russia vs USA, you can always go India vs Pakistan
  13. TankHunter

    Some basics of tactical warefare.

    "The engine of the tank is a weapon just as the main-gun." Heinz Guderian
  14. TankHunter

    More screenshots

    Ah, very nice shots
  15. TankHunter

    Some basics of tactical warefare.

    A couple of vehicles waiting in the vicinity of an ion tower isn't the same as broadcasting to your enemy the location of your entire army. I'd argue that you can even use it as a tactical tool, far from people yelling about "noobs" and whatnot - if the enemy is forced to attack your position then you, again, can gain the upper hand by exploiting that. </font>