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  1. I think you can (re)create at any time a country in a way like Tunisia after Vichy DE...
  2. Axis does not need to defeat the USA to win the war, have a look on the victory conditions...
  3. Did you tried to install the latest patch? Somehow the base game does not start for me as well under win7 but as soon as I apply a patch it works.
  4. The game is almost over. We have a mirror match where the Germans just survived a massive Russian counterattack and captured Moscow...
  5. Kommandant can provide an update on the Tourney progress?
  6. I had the same problem, but Hubert told it will be fixed for the next patch, and even we can expect an improved minimap graphics
  7. In the mean time my Forces in Africa is almost eliminated, but seems to be the heavy force concentration there on Axis side prevented to have a strong push in Ukraine for Barbarossa. The auxiliary forces facing some local counterattacks. Also they are found strong resistance in Yugoslavia and it is now the 3rd month the fights on going there. In the north the situation is not that good looking for Russia, lots of German panzers rolling forward, supported by the Luftwaffe
  8. I think at the moment the effect of cheating is fairly limited due to the reload exploit as: Only one turn can be reloaded: it means long term strategy cannot be cheated (where invest and when on research, unit production...) In the other hand what you can gain is to modify battle result (here is a good thing that luck factor is only between +1-1 which means roughly 20% randomness to influence but considering in one turn you have quite a lots of attack reload effectively can modify only a few in your favor but some others goes in the opposing way, so bigger maps with more units greatly reducing cheating effect. The 3rd thing you can have is to uncover hidden positions by recon movement (here again bigger map helps and also even when you know unit is there you have to bump into) The 4th is to influence end of turn event (eg research breakthrough and % based scripts) here again you can get 1-2 turn earlier or later which for a 100-200 turn game does not much matters. What can be done to reduce the cheating effect I thing is goes 2 direction: From player perspective for competitive play you might not considering small scenarios. From developer perspective there is 2 things can be done: - fix the random-sequence separately for research, scripts, intelligence etc. and bound to the save game meaning reloading the turn does not alter results there (it is might be already the case I'm not sure?) - For the reload counter I believe the only option is to save&load files by the game engine from a 3rd party location where loading counters can be tracked, as in your own computer any files(even registry) can be backup-restored without any chance to a program to catch it. This option of course needs an online storage but might be easy to implement if there is an existing file service on the web with the ability to track download counters?
  9. I had 2 folder as well, and seems to be the installer does not offered the latest v104 folder automatically but copied the files to the default folder (which were empty). I run once again the installer and selected the right directory then it worked... (I downloaded the patch from gamershell)
  10. The sand getting really hot in North Africa, Italians needs some help to survive...
  11. If a country loosing its capital then there is a chance for surrender. What can be said is that the B.E.F can improve french moral, and it means more chance to prevent collapsing of France due to moral reduction to 0 In the previous version if French morale was under 2500 it was always meant French surrender when taking Paris which is not anymore the case...
  12. When you say B.E.F do you mean 5 units? If you do not have at least 5 it will be no increase of French moral. If you have less than 2 then France can fall even without losing Paris, so that is the real incentive to send British troops if I see correctly...
  13. If you want to trace down the cause of the readiness increase you can search for all events where #COUNTRY_ID= 4 but also check the mobilization_1 and mobilization_3 as well...
  14. I think 6 squares should be ok for all cities (it is varies from 3-5) but if you want proper values have a look on the mobilization_2.txt. It might be another script which increased the Soviet readiness in the particular situation...
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