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  1. Great, I hope you'll get a success with TOW eventually, so all this huge hardwork isn't for so little.
  2. Rak

    new video

    So it's finally "working" eh? But the "arena" style deathmatch won't get you anywhere . . . You need to give the players a mission for multiplayer, rather than "kill'em all kthx" standart deathmatching. I hope there are attack/defend scenarios and historical maps for multiplayer.
  3. By the way, any plans for a discount? I'd like to buy TOW, but 45$ price tag is a tad too high for a game in this state.
  4. Awesome! This movie deserves more comments
  5. Get Red Orchestra if you're into WW2. It's the most realistic WW2 FPS out there. Atmosphere, gameplay and realism is great. There's a "invitational free RO trial" going on, so if you want to try for 10 days go ahead and ask for a Guestpass at: http://www.redorchestragame.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19275
  6. Just be thankful! Oh bless us thee Maddox Gamez!
  7. Oh God! Truly fantastic! In the beginning I was thinking "typical,meh" but the more I watched, the more I enjoyed the movie. Last part was amazing, it was really moving with the music. Is there a way we can get a better version? I really want your movies on my DVD ;D
  8. Then he can't enter contest with this video
  9. Do you accept movies with scenes from other games as well?
  10. Rak


    I think you have to unlicence it before you uninstall.
  11. Very good to hear that. Spread the word guys!
  12. I think we need an option to order the infantry to place those nades on the tanks rather than throwing them senselessly. As for Ferdinand, commander gunner must be really pissed to target those pesky soldiers with AP rounds
  13. I wouldn't call that an ambush. It's like saying "Hey, I massed these poor tanks in this little town! Encircle and destroy them!" Annihilation.
  14. Dunno, It worked for me in demo. Make sure you spam nades in quantity enough. Throwing one grenade and praying to blow the track off is likely as winning a lottery Don't forget that those nades are shaped charges, so they have to(have to with capitals) be placed ON the target to make some damage. They're harmful as a kitten when not on something As for Ferdinand picking off your infantry with the gun, don't forget that it has an MG34 bow MG. Maybe MG is getting the kills while you're watching cannon fire .
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