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  1. No, not yet, will try next time I am playing, thanks
  2. Thank you, I will just have to keep saving two or three times per turn, nothing worse than getting right through all your moves, and then it crashes right just before you end your turn and before it auto saves!
  3. I frequently get the following error message which is followed by a crash to dektop. It occurs at random, i have seen no particular pattern, and I will be always be able to move past the point it occurs when i try again from the saved game. If I play for a couple of hours at a time I can be fairly sure that it will occur at least once. "Failed (draw_unit_text_to_buffer_dc) : Sementation violation" The above message is the most common, on one or two occassions the following has appeared: "DirectX Failed (draw_sprite_on_map_surface) : dderr_invalidrect"
  4. Is it also the case that this decision never occurs if the UK recognises Vichy and there is no Free French?
  5. Thank you Hubert for your quick reply. Can you clarify that this means I can have the games installed on 4 machines at the same time, and if I subsequently uninstall it on one machine I could then install it on a separate fifth machine using the licence "freed up" from the uninstalled one? Thanks
  6. Apologies for asking this because I know it has been answered many times before, I just can't remember what the answer was! Is there a limit on how many different computers i can install AOD, or indeed any of the other games, on? Thanks
  7. I have just completed a scan of my computer using malwarebytes and it found "Adware.NetPumper" in the following files: Battlefront\StrategicCommand 2 Blitzkrieg\Misc\Battlefront.com.exe Battlefront\StrategicCommand 2 Patton Drives East Expansion\Misc\Battlefront.com.exe Battlefront\StrategicCommand 2 Weapons and Warfare Expansion\Misc\Battlefront.com.exe Battlefront\StrategicCommand WW11 Pacific Theatre\Misc\Battlefront.com.exe This is the first time this has come up and I have had the programs installed for a long time and done many scans, all of which have always come up clean. Is it ok to remove this? or does it affect the running of the games? Thank you
  8. Just seen the new patch, that was quick, thank you very much!
  9. I have just installed the v 1.05 Global Conflict patch, and now get the following error message when I right click on any french unit to reinforce etc " FAILED(on_right_button_down) : SEGMENTATION VIOLATION" The game then crashes to dektop. It only appears to be french units, I can right click on other countries without any problem. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Thank you for the reply. It was strange that they just all of a sudden stopped running without the video acceleration option, but they are working now so it's all good. I would also like to say that your Strategic command series of games are easily the best available in this genre - keep up the good work!
  11. Ok, so I've been playing about a bit, and if I put on the video accelerator then Patton Drives East will open, and while open if I uncheck the video accelerator then I get the black screen again so I guess it obviously has something to do with that. Stupid question - what exactly is the video accelerator and what impact, if any, does it have when playing the game?
  12. When I attempt to open SC2, Weapons and Warfare, Patton Drives East or Pacific Theatre I am able to select the campaign, select which side to play and confirm all the various options, however when I click to start the game proper it starts to open but after a few seconds just goes to a black screen. I have no such problems with WW1 or Global Campaign which open up fine. I have been able to play all 4 of these games on this same machine without any difficulties up to now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I noticed that Ireland is included as a separate minor country. At this time Ireland was an integral part of the UK, not independent or even a colony, so surely it should simply be part of Britain in the game.
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