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  1. Thanks for the advice. Cheers JTF
  2. Hi all. Currently using Z-Bee mod manager with CMSF. I understand it also works with CMBN but I would need to install it again. When I try to install a second manager all I get is an option to Repair or Un-Install. Any advise. Thanks JTF
  3. Thank for the response guys. Couple of things to try out. Cheers JTF
  4. Thanks for update, I'll revisit when I get that module. Cheers JTF
  5. Hi Clubfoot. Thank for you time and effort on this. When running CMSF the campaign is greyed out, am I missing something? I only have the Brit module and the base game. Thanks JTF
  6. Hi all. My battle plans usually start with some sort of prep fire into suspected positions. The problem I have is moving my FOs onto position to get "eyes on". As soon as I'm in position I attract HMG fire etc. I've tried going in slow with "Hide" at the last way point but still ended up seen before I could call in the fire mission. Any advice as to the best way to move into reciprocal LOS and stay hidden? Thanks JTF.
  7. It's the "Training Demo v1.01" The other 3 CM's had a "do this and do that and you will see this happens" type of thing. Guess I'll have read the manual. I See what you mean about the need for suppression. De-bused the troops only to put 'em back on board so they didn't all die. Cheers JTF
  8. Is there a walkthough/guide to the introduction game in the demo? If not any advice. Thanks JT Fox
  9. Thanks again to yourself and GAJ. Cheers JT Fox
  10. Thanks for this. It improved my view of the battlefield and helps to spot dead ground etc. Thanks again JT Fox PS Is there anything like this for CMBB?
  11. Makes my top 10. Don't forget his book on the battle for Berlin.
  12. Try this link. http://www.roqc.cdgroup.org/
  13. Teamspeak client and server are free to download last time I checked, and easy to set up. Also Skype is free last time I checked. If you have a PC and the internet you can chat, for free.
  14. Example from the site listed above. The site also shows a "family tree" style layout of the all the sub units. Typical Structure of Naval Rifle Brigades Equipment.................Amount Manpower..................4500 men Light Machine-guns........149 Heavy Machine-guns........48 PPSh submachineguns.......612 Antitank rifles...........48 76mm guns.................8 57mm guns.................12 82mm mortars..............16 120mm mortars.............8 Automobiles...............178 Horses....................812 Remarks: 1.Naval rifle brigades were formed by staff of common separate rifle brigade; 2.Up to 50% of manpower consisted of marines; 3.Initially all commanders (including junior leaders) were from seamen; 4.Unlike Marine brigades Naval rifle brigades were formed by military districts, but not by fleets.
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