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  1. Dear Tech Support, I am playing the newest version (1.07) of the WWI game with the WWII scenario. In this latest game, I had an odd occurance during my opponent's last turn. We were fighting in northern Norway -- just south of Narvik. I had a British corps at 9 strength points. My opponent attacked it with a German arty and got one hit, so now it is at eight strength points. Then his 5-strength para attacked it and appeared to get one hit (thus reducing the British unit to 8 points), but then it appeared his para unit was able to physically move into the hex of the British corps which then just vanished! That can't be right! There were no apparent TAC attacks or anything like that as far as I could see. Very, very odd. You'll note, too, that on the turn summary there is no note about the destruction of a British corps and there are no dead corps in the British force pool (as would be the case as the unit in question was in full supply when attacked). This is totally bizarre. I've saved a copy of the turn and can send it to you with my passcode. MJY
  2. Hubert, Thanks. I'll give that a try later this week and report back to the Forum. In the meantime, I went to the Battlefront WWI icon -- (right click) -- Properties -- Security -- Advanced -- Owner -- Edit and made sure Windows 7 knew that I was the "owner." I think I will also run my Malware and anti-virus scans -- just 'cause I am paranoid! :-) MJY
  3. Hey all, I am again getting the above error message. It occurs at the end of turns (i.e., after messages but before the "save game" pop-up appears). I asked about this before and it was suggested that I try playing as the administrator. I have done so, but the error continues to pop up. It doesn't happen every game, but maybe one in ten. And I am definitely playing as administrator. The first time it re-appeared I thought I may have forgotten, but the last couple of times I was 100% certain I was the administrator. Any other suggestions? MJY
  4. Hey, I'm playing the 1914 campaign with version 1.07 installed and recently I have been getting this error message and then the game crashes when I go to save a turn: Failed(saved_game_dialog: set_lists): Permission denied I am using Windows 7 and I already tried re-installing the game and the patch. It doesn't happen every time, but it is annoying none-the-less. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. MJY
  5. Hay all, There is something about the way bombers, escorts, and interceptors interact that I would like to bring up. It relates to the fact that with the current gaming engine interceptors never, ever get through escorts to damage incoming bombers or TAC air. Consider the following scenario: A German TAC bomber is launched against a British infantry unit. It is escorted by an Italian fighter. The force is then intercepted by a British fighter. In this hypothetical case, the British fighter (thanks to superior technology, supply, HQ support, or other factors) is greatly superior to the escorts. In fact, the intercepting British unit completely destroys the Italian escorts. But even in this case, the German TAC air continues its flight, it suffers no losses from the British interceptors, and attacks the British infantry unit. So why is this a problem? The main reason this is a problem has to do with the fact that the immunity of the TAC bomber from interceptor losses means it is too easy for those units to gain experience points resulting (all too often) in TAC bombers (in particular) becoming overly powerful. It is true that the TAC air unit (in my hypothetical case) may still suffer a loss when it attacks the actual target even when the predicted loss indicator says that the attacker won't suffer any casualties as there is always a small chance that the attacker will suffer a random loss. (I think, if I recall from an earlier forum posting, it is a 10% chance.) But this risk of a random loss is the exactly the same whether or not the incoming flight is intercepted. In short, interceptors never have the opportunity of damaging enemy bombers or TAC air when the latter have escorts. Historically, this is, of course, not the way things worked. When B-17s from the US 8th Air Force attacked Germany, they regularly suffered losses -- even when escorted by P-51s and other US escort aircraft. To be sure, having escorts should reduce bomber losses, but they are unlikely to completely nullify the risk (as is the case in the game at present). I wonder, when future games or upgrades are developed, if there is a way to make interceptors more effective against escorted enemy bombers and TAC air. In other words, whenever an interception occurrs, there should at least be a chance that some of the interceptors get through the escorting force and attack the bombers -- especially when the interceptors are equal or even superior to the escorts. Currently, that never happens -- even (as I note above) when the escorting force is completely destroyed. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of the Battlefront community on this issue.
  6. Hey, I'm pretty sure this issue came up with one of the earlier iterations of the game system (maybe even back as early as "Weapons and Warfare" or even "Blitzkreig"). It was supposedly changed in one of the patches, but I can't be sure. It is a situation that does not come up very often. And as to what The K Man says, it may, in this case, be related to that "Iraq may surrender if two units near the capital" rule. I would not think that it would apply in the case of subsequent surrender events, though.
  7. Hey, I'm playing Great War (version 1.05) and I am playing the 1939 Storm over Europe scenario. In this game, Iraq joined the Axis (through diplomacy). It was then conquered by the Allies and surrendered normally (i.e., all territory shifted to Allied control). It was then liberated by the Axis. In this case, only those areas controlled by the Axis shifted to Axis to control. The rest of Iraq remained under Allied control. Finally, Iraq was reconquered by the Allies (again), but this time, when it surrendered, all areas of Iraq not occupied by an Axis unit shifted to Allied control (i.e., like it did the first time it surrendered). I thought that with all "subsequent" surrenders you did NOT automatically gain control over all territory in a state? That does not appear to have been the case here. Thanks. MJY
  8. Sapare, Was the little nationality icon for that unit still blinking when you went to reinforce it? There is a very, very occasional "glitch" that has bedeviled the system. You right click on a unit to check its status (or something like that) and then go to another unit (or whatever) and when you go back to the first unit you discover that the first unit is no longer available for movement or reinforcement or whatever (i.e., it is like it has already moved or attacked for the turn). It doesn't happen very often, but it is annoying when it does. It has (apparently) been researched, but the error is so rare and un-replicatable (if that is a real word) that fixing it has been impossible. (I asked about this in regard to one of the earlier itterations of the series.) MJY
  9. huhr, Yes, I would agree. Maybe as a "button" (i.e., "hotkey") feature like the P/partisan and S/supply hotkeys. But I also think it would be nice if these visual hotkeys could be left "on" while you are actually moving your units -- if you want them to be on. (Or be turned back off if you don't want the visual clutter.) For example, I have previously suggested In another posting) that it would be nice if you could keep the supply level numbers visible while you are actually moving units instead of (as you suggest above) always flipping back and forth between screens.
  10. Isnogud, Unless the developers changed their minds, it is a glitch. It was identified as such in an earlier Q&A (in the context of the v1.04 patch I seem to recall), but got missed it appears in the most recent upgrade. MJY
  11. Hey, A minor thing. In the WWII scenario (v1.05) when Norway surrenders to the Axis (e.g., after a one turn paratrooper knock out), the Norwegian DD goes over to the Allies, but it is still sitting in the Narvik port square thus killing the convoy route for one turn. We play with a house rule that the Allies have to immediately move the DD their next turn, but ideally when Norway surrenders the unit should either move automatically to an adjacent sea square or move to a British port (like the Polich DD does). Otherwise a "gamey" Allied player could have an infantry unit or two waiting off-shore to land in the port the turn following Norway's surrender. (Humm, I actually like that idea. Nobody tell K-Man!) Thanks.
  12. Hey Guys, I really love the Supply Hotkey. I use it all the time -- especially in terrain with limited supply (e.g., Russia or Mountainous terrain or newly occupied areas etc.). But would it be possible to have another Hotkey option in which the supply values would remain visible when you go to actually move your units? With the current mechanism, I sometimes end up flipping back and forth every time I go to move a unit in complex terrain, so the option of keeping the supply values on -- until you choose to turn them off -- would be great. Thanks. MJY
  13. Hey all, Can someone provide me a complete list of the Hotkey options? So far, I know there is: P = Partisan Sites S = Supply Values L = Log of Last Turn Messages But what is the Hotkey for pausing the replay? The Version Notes for v 1.05 merely says that it exists. And are there any others that I am missing? Thanks.
  14. Hey Guys, Another old problem is recurring. Upon the defeat of Norway, a DD appears in the port of Narvik. Like "Free French" or "Polish Government-in-Exile" units, this unit is controlled by the Allies. Unfortunately, it starts the game in what should be a German-held port and until it moves, the DD blocks the Axis convoy route. Obviously, it is easy enough to employ a "house rule" to force the Allies to move the unit (to prevent "gamey" tactics), but the unit can still block the convoys for a turn or two if the two players forget to move the unit right away. I believe the last patch was supposed to move the unit to a hex just outside of the port (which would soleve the problem), but it doesn't appear to be working. Thanks. MJY
  15. Hey guys, I originally posted this in the general forum, but think I should have posted here. My apologies if you've already seen this. I am playing the Axis and I am unable to attack the Polish DD (i.e., the unit that joined the UK) with my Italians. This makes the Polish DD a virtually invincible spotting (etc.) unit for the Allies. By the way, we are playing with versions 1.04 of the WWI game. Supposedly this was fixed in the last patch, but that does not appear to have been the case. MJY
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