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  1. Excellent AAR! I think I will try this scenario, it looks really interesting
  2. Hi I would like to play the Franco-Prussian war scenario as Prussian. Anyone interested please email me to aryaman133atgmail.com
  3. Hi I have just finished a PBEM game of the Barbarossa 41 scenario. I played Germans and in the end I scored a minor victory by holding Warsaw while my opponent only managed to take Helsinki. Game experience has been wonderful, it was a tough match with many alternatives and you really get the feeling of fighting in the vast spaces of the Soviet Union. I would like to make some suggestions as well. 1) After the Soviets took Helsinki the Finnish units didn´t surrender, the Finnish air unit kept fighting to the end along their German allies. 2) Apparently NM plays little part in this game, however I would note that in my match the Soviets hit the 0% NM by 1943 while I was still at 40%, for the rest of the match I keptd dropping while my opponent could not drop a single point as there is no negative NM. That seems odd. 3) In the last 10 turns or so there is an "end of the world" effect. You don´t buy new units because they will arrive after the game is finished, and you mass almost any unit around the game objectives. I would suggest to make the end a random date, maybe dependant on events that could be bought, so that a player buys to extend the fight another 10 turns, for instance. Just to make players uncertain as when the game will end.
  4. Hi 1) I see that on the victory conditions screen it doesn´t say anything about NM, so if NM does reach 0 what about the Nation? does it surrender or not? 2) Does NM level have any influence on the morale individual units during the game? 3) Axis minor victory conditions are to hold 3 or less of the key cities, so it would be a minor victory with just Warsaw?
  5. What I mean is that the supply points should be different in graphics so they are clearly visible to the Prussian player before taken them, in the scenario right now they have different graphics and can be confusing. Regarding Napoleon III, certainly he was ill but there was a considerable support for him outside Paris in the countryside, and even a minor success I think could have allowed him to remain in power for some years until he could abdicate in his son. After all he went to war because he wanted an exterior succes to back his regime.
  6. I am playing this scenario in a PBEM match and I am enjying it very much, I think it makes for a good game, with lots of strategic options and historically sound. I would like to make a couple of suggestions. 1) Graphics for the towns and supply. Supply is an all importan t thing in the game, as it should be, but it would be easier, especially for the Prussian player, if the towns providing supply have a different greaphic than the rest, . That way the Prussian player can plan better for march invasion routes keeping his supply lines in good shape. 2) Events I would like some historical events in which the change from monarchy to republic in France is an issue, giving for instance the option that if the French player is very succesful Napoleon could remain in office. In all a great scenario, and I think it proves that the engine is up to represent some 19th century scenarios, I would like to see some, like the 1813 campaign of the Napoleonic Wars, for instance, or maybe even some campaigns of the ACW
  7. And what is the chance percentage? no modifiers to the die roll?
  8. Hi Some times units don´t retreat and instead they remain in the front until they are destroyed. I wonder, is there something the player can do or avoid to make sure units always retreat to avoid destruction?
  9. I have run a second test (both have been run on the 1941 Barbarossa scenario) and I found very similar results within the normal range of random variation. The Soviets again outscored the Germans in all fields except Antitank. The Results were 19 vs 9 in infantry, 20vs12 in Hevy tanks, 19 vs 9 in aerial warfare and 12 vs 14 in antitank.
  10. Hi I have noticed that the German research is still much slower than the Soviet research. As a test I run a game on hotseat without making any move, just to see how reserach developed on both sides. The Soviets were consistently outracing the Germans. By July 25 the Soviets were at 20% infantry while the Germans were still at 7%. In other fields differences were not that large, in heavy tanks 19 vs 12, in aerial warfare 17 vs 10, only in antitank the Germans outscored the Soviets 12 to 10. Germans were getting just 1% advance in infantry every turn, except one turn in which they got 2%, while the Soviets were getting no less than 3% and up to 5%. So apparently the problem with German research is still unfixed.
  11. Where is the link to download the hotfix? I can´t find it BTW is that hotfix compatible with an ongoing PBEM v1.02?
  12. What I would like to know is if the German research is slower than the Soviet one. Because that is what is happening, so I wish to know if that is working as designed or it is a bug.
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