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  1. Hey Getting annoyed with SC2 WAW Trying to play email game with friend and it is not working well (email not saving for transfer) Anyway is this game (GC) an upgraded SC2? Does it work well with email games? Do you recommend purchase ? Thanks
  2. Hi After alot of work (and some great help from the support team) my buddy and I finally got both our SC2 WAW games updated to latest update and ready to go He played the first turn of the Barbarossa scenario, emailed it to me, I played my turn and saved it (can see it saved as Email-2 in my email save file under his Email-1) but I cannot locate it in the file out of game We both followed the basic rule of play the entire turn then save, as you can't save email games mid turn last time I checked Is there another place I should look?? We are both running win 10 systems and both updated to latest patches of the game Another thought, is there a similar game that i a newer version of this one which may be more win 10 friendly? Thanks Chris
  3. Hey Thanks Think i found this in your old post
  4. Hey guys Started playin pbem w friend, first game in years Reloaded onto win 7 computer/vista patch Initial set up of 'Moscow' scenario Tried to save during set up as I didn't have time to finish I see the saved files in 'saved' file of Cmbb but it won't pull up the saved set up Can you save during setup? Is the save file in wrong locAtion? Thought the old stadArd was they save to pbem folder Thanks
  5. Sometimes if you alt-tab to minimize screen then re-open the words show up
  6. It was the 501 Dropped a help ticket & their checking it out May have been the license for the vista upgrade I needed so ill try that Thanks for your help all Look forward to getting back into it
  7. Well found my key in my purchase history Did not work Maybe it's lookin for vista upgrade key? Chris
  8. Hi Coming back to Cmbb after years Moved the game from my xp machine to win 7 Can't find lic key My other games like SC2 & cmak have it on back of book but I noticed sc1 is on the cd case...which is possibly lost Any way to look it up from game installed on my Xp machine Or do I need to buy another? Thanks
  9. thanks that helps alot i have 2 quad 20mm nicely spread out on medium board and a bunch of halftracks, panzers iv and v, and tigers so we'll see how it goes keeping tankers spread is a good idea too should be fun
  10. thanks for the reply do you just leave them near the edge then or keep em close to you men/machines??, how do you tell the range??
  11. hi anyone know if the german sd kfz 7/1 aa halftrack with 4x20mm guns can shoot at aircraft in front of it says it is 'rear facing guns' so i wasn't sure how to postion if using it for aa thanks
  12. cool, that's what i was hoping thanks again
  13. thanks king but was wondering if i decide to try cease fire and do not know if my opponent will immediately agree and hit cease fire.................will any 'plots' i make (on the same turn i hit cease fire) take effect, or does cease fire nullify my moves (assuming my opponent does not immediately cease fire)? vc
  14. when using cease fire with pbem game, do the moves entered before cease fire (on the same turn) count, or is cease fire the extent of the turn??
  15. thx for the input i bit the bullet and just uninstalled then reinstalled, now it runs fine again, other than having to do the alt-tab when text doesn't show up in boxes probably had something change the video settings or corrupt the program as a sidenote it seems like you don't have to 'unlicense' the software if uninstalling and reinstalling on the same computer because i accidentally didn't and it reloaded fine thanks again VC
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