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  1. TheGreatRadish

    Combat Mission future

    I'd really like to see the engine incorporate the ability to allow a little less micromanagement for those who want it that way. So, the player could issue basic orders to a platoon HQ to secure a specific location and then the subordinate units would be subject to the TacAI, although you could set parameters around urgency, loss tolerance etc. However, the player would still retain the ability to micromanage as deeply as they like, so they could issue orders to individual units directly if they felt the need. Those familiar with the Command Ops system will know where I'm coming from here, for those that are not I hope I explained myself adequately. Of course, that would be a huge amount of effort to implement and to make work correctly and a large departure from the dna of the CM series - too much probably, but if implemented I think it opens up the system to a whole bunch of new players.
  2. Ok, good luck - DDraw has a forum too so maybe the guys might be able to help.
  3. Oh, that's a shame. Works with all CMx1 titles for me - sorry to hear that. The DDraw dll is definitely in the same folder as CombatMission2.exe? I heard another program called dgVoodoo2 also works but I didn't try it because DDraw did so well. I'm using the CDV retail trilogy disk version, running a new NVidia GTX 1060 card, the latest experimental DDraw release. For info, this is my DDRaw log:
  4. I didn't change any of the compatibility settings, just ran the exe as is.
  5. See my posts at the bottom of the thread here here - hope it helps.
  6. Just to confirm, with the latest version of DDraw fog is present in CMBB on my new machine running Win 10, i5-8400, GTX 1060. Excellent :-)
  7. Anyone else tried this? https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat/releases I've found it to be a big help, allegedly allows fog on newer machines but I can't verify that as yet.
  8. TheGreatRadish

    Wargamer 2016 Year end Review

    Yet HOI4 is there as is a John Tiller title. There was a recent thread over on that group's site discussing the best WW2 tactical games/sims. IIRC, only Wodin mentioned CM. CMx2 really doesn't get fair recognition even in the wargaming community, never ind in general.
  9. TheGreatRadish

    What other WW2 games do you guys play

    The DC series was already good but Barbarossa is, and I'm not prone to bandying a term like this about for nothing, a masterpiece. I think that system with the player as Ike trying to deal with difficult characters above and below in the chain of command would be a hell of a lot of fun, I hope it's the next step they take with it.
  10. TheGreatRadish

    AI allies

    I have asked this question about AI control of individual countries over on the official SC3 forums on several occasions, Hubert and Bill have answered plenty other questions there lately but not even a hint of a response to mine. I think you can take it to mean that this is not one of the new features, sadly. Also, in the box art reveal, this was said " Take control over either the Axis or the Allies, while directing the efforts of each nation belonging to your alliance." I'm disappointed. it was my most hoped for thing in SC3 I must admit.
  11. You need to contact the helpdesk with details of the product and the licence key - I had this issue recently myself and battlefront were very helpful in providing the means to fix the issue. See this. Then raise a ticket and you should be fine.
  12. BFC helpdesk have always been great and quick to respond when I've needed them (and I'm in a completely different time zone). Doesn't matter whether it was the CM series or a SC product. The helpdesk is prominent enough on the site, so much so that the need to e-mail directly shouldn't even enter your mind.
  13. TheGreatRadish

    Storm over Europe?

    Pay-day today and, as promised, I have purchased and am downloading now. Really fired up about this, having a blast playing PBEM GC:Gold with my old mates just now. Fascinated to see what you can do with SC3 guys, wish you all the best.
  14. TheGreatRadish

    Storm over Europe?

    Thanks Hubert. That's fine, I'll probably buy the bundle when I receive my next pay cheque (trying to impose some much needed financial discipline here - I have a small monthly 'treats' budget which is currently exhausted ). Loving the demo though. I am interested in WW1 and have respectable knowledge of it so all is good. I'm bigging up the game to anyone who will listen, my closest friend has got hold of GC:Gold now too and I'm working on some others
  15. Hi all, I purchased SC2 back in 2008 but never got into it at all (lack of time for games of any sort sadly). I reinstalled it on my laptop recently and also picked up Global Conflict Gold & AoD. Wow, I've been missing out badly. The game is just awesome, and I'm not the sort to use such an adjective casually. I haven't felt like this about a game for a long time, so thanks to all the guys at Fury for that. On to my main point though - I really like what I see of the SOE campaign for Breakthrough. Now, I don't have it - I will get it in time anyway, the WW1 content looks pretty cool - but can't justify purchasing right now having just bought Gold. Is SOE exclusive to Breakthrough, or is there a version available or at least being developed for GC:Gold/AoD? From browsing the Repository I guess the answer to the former is no - I've downloaded the Fast Play version, which is great but I want the big one too . Like I say, the answer won't affect whether or not I buy the WW1 version , just when