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  1. Well, a completely fresh install didn't work. I would be willing to continue on with this, but having to log out to get the application to quit is, well, I think there is something wrong with that process. Thank you for your assistance everyone! SC
  2. I'm sure it should be, but it isn't. I'm gonna redownload, and see if it's any different. SC
  3. That is to say, I think that the file is created either after log in, or after account creation. Since I can't do either, I don't get a settings file. I've looked in the DropTeam folder, Application Support folders, and in the Preference folders in both the main Library, and my user Library folders. I also did a global search for any file with dropteam in it, and it didn't show up. SC
  4. Well, I think that I have to run the game to have it generate a settings file, as I don't have one on my hard drive. SC
  5. Once again, how would I do that? The mouse clicks do NOT register with the game. Cmd-q doesn't even quit the game. I can NOT create an account because the game does not register my mouse clicks, I'm not even sure about whether it is registering the keyboard completely. SC
  6. Also, just so it's a bit more understandable: My DropTeam display. [~400k PNG file] Clicking anywhere yields nothing. I found that pressing esc brings up a quit dialog, but since I can't click on anything, it doesn't work! SC
  7. Hello there! I installed DropTeam on my Media System(G4 1.33DP/Radeon9800/10.4.6/custom resolution 1360x768), and after several days of the updater not wanting to do anything, it finally updated. So I ran the application, and I can't click on anything, and the screen is in the lower left corner of the display. I can run the cursor all over, but anything that I click on, doesn't respond. I tried tabbing through the registration, but that did not seem to do anything. Oddly enough the only way to quit is to press shift-cmd-q, to log out, as cmd-q doesn't do anything. Which almost leads me to believe that the mouse is clicking through to the Finder, instead of the DropTeam screen Any suggestions? SC
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