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  1. Hello, I would like to mod this underestimated sim, but is there a way to open datapack.cd file? It seems to be a zlib archive, the header of the file is "AZLIB". Can you help me? Cheers
  2. Thank you very much, look here I have taken the mesh files of the su100 and I have pasted them in the \data\meshes\t72 folder and I renamed them like the files of the t34 (mt34_0.x, mt34_1.x, mt34_2.x, mt34_3.x) and this is the result I drive the su100! Note that the texture is the snow texture I made in ten seconds and it's not good for the su100. And this is the driver view There are no commander view and machinegun view
  3. For Tanker0815: I think that you need only the .dds file for your own texture; For Pandur: the program that I use are XVI32 that is a free HEx Editor http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm and 010 Editor http://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/. To edit the .dds files I use The Gimp 2.0 Unfortunately the developers did not help the users with tools for modding the game...
  4. This is a snow T34 made in ten seconds
  5. In the datapack.cd you must search for "xd0t55, data\textures\TECHN\" and "yd0t55_bump, data\textures\TECHN\" these are the skin files, they are two .dds file; once converted and saved in the data\textures\TECHN\ folder tou can edit them. Note that when you save the file with 010 Editor you must save the the file with the extension dds.
  6. I begin using the XVI32 hexeditor I open datapack.cd and find the start point of the texture here I use Edir-> Block mark then I search for AZRC (the end of the file in datapack.cd) at this point I move the cursor in the position immediatly left of AZRC and I use EDIT-> Block mark then I copy to clipboard now I start 101Editor, make File->new and I paste now I go to the start position of the file and I delete the first four bytes (this may be done also after the binary inversion) at this point I select TOOLS->operations->binary invert and I select this options Now I save the file as su1t55_armor.tga in the \data\textures\armor It is important to note that the true skin of the tanks are in the \data\textures\techn folder and are .dds files
  7. Yes, and I think that this is true for all the files that are in datapack.cd, so you can export the mesh of the T-72, edit it and perhaps have a new tank...
  8. You don't import the new textures in the datapack.cd, you save the new textures in the t-72\data\taxtures\techn\(.tga files) and t-72\data\textures\armor\(.dds files) these folder must be created by the user. When the game start reads these folders, if there are new files (like my test files), the game loads the new files and does not load the files in the datapack.cd.
  9. This is the problem, I have extracted the t72 texture manually, using the "010 Editor"; if you open the datapack.cd with the editor you will read data like this "su1t72_armor, data\textures\armor" this is the position in the file where begin the texture of the t72, and the file ends where there is "AZRC". So you must copy this part of the datapack.cd, open a new file (in the 010 editor) and then use the menu tools->operations->binary invert; at this point select the hex option and then OK. This operation will decrypt the file, in fact all the data in the datapack.cd are "inverted". Now save the file in the t-72\data\textures\armor folder with the name su1t72_armor.tga
  10. Well my english is not very good but I try to explain the way to change textures. There is a file datapack.cd in the \data folder, all the textures are stored in this file and the problem is that evry texture must be extracted from this file.
  11. these are only tests, I have added some white colour to the texture file of the T72...
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