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  1. Another company made it: http://www.dgames.ru/project.php?mode=1000&id_prod=137&L=en Looks gorgious btw
  2. I agree there is very little news about this tankmod. Many new players will arrive when it's implemented. Any news about this ? Monk.
  3. Would it be possible to add 1 more mission to the demo: one which includes CTF ? I'm sure all our players at the LAN-party would love to play CTF with the demo. It's a bit short notice for such a request (4 days), but it was worth a shot Clay Monk.
  4. Or you can use Gamecam, it's free too.
  5. Euh did I see this clearly: 1 vehicle with 2 players in it ? If so: very nice idea Monk.
  6. Steve, I will not dismember your posts, because discussions like that will not be very entertaining nor usefull. However a few things I would like to point out to you. You feel insulted: sorry again not very professional. Remember I'm not personal here, I'm just a customer with an opinion you don't share. The tone and content of your reactions is of someone who wants and needs to be right (" I think you stand corrected" and "Yeah, but that doesn't make you right"). Let me spare you further trouble: * You are very right * DT was never delivered as a beta-project for a full price * Your customers are always wrong So now we have that out of the way let's focus on more positive things. Any ETA or news on the ww2 mod ? Greetingz, Monk.
  7. I hope so too Clay. 4 weeks from now we will play
  8. No, I managed to get a location with internet availability (it's almost impossible to have a LAN-party without internet nowadays => steam-based-games). So server and players have internet access [ October 26, 2006, 12:44 PM: Message edited by: Monkwarrior ]
  9. Clay, Within 4 weeks I will organize a LAN-party for 25 players (weekend of 18 & 19 november 2006). Is there any news if it's possible to set up a LAN-server by that time ? Being a somewhat experienced DT-player myself (bought the game some while ago), I would like to setup a demoserver for this playergroup and show them the ins and outs of this game. Greetingz, Monk.
  10. I do agree with some things Dark said. This game was sold to customers for a normal price and after installing it seemed there were still many bugs present. We were used as beta-testers no doubt in that (intended or non-intended). And yes I know what I'm talking about with 20 years of experience in the testing of professional software and gaming industry. The review is lacking in many aspects, let's not waste time on it any more. @Steve Your first reaction in this topic was one I could relate to. It would have been wise to stop there, but you decided to go on a crusade against Dark. Not very professional IMO, but we are all human I guess (believe me I know ...). How painfull it may be: Dark has a strong argument. Servers are still nearly empty and most gamers don't seem to notice this game and certainly don't stick around. As gamedeveloper/publisher you could ask yourself "what's the reason for this lack of populairity ?" A big plus is the commitment of the dev-team. They really make a difference and listen very well to their customers I stopped playing DT because I decided the setting of the game was not my cup of tea, but I will return when the ww2 addition will be there. Looking forward to the ww2 addition, Monk. [ October 25, 2006, 03:09 AM: Message edited by: Monkwarrior ]
  11. As stated elswhere: madmatt is probably an employee of the publisher. The dev-team has left this game months ago. It's up to each for his own if this game is still worth the money or not. Greetingz, Monk.
  12. Well Star80, I'm afraid the answer to your qeustions is negative. For more details see this topic: http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=46;t=000530
  13. Gents, I mailed madmatt and he was so kind to respond to some questions I had. I'm taking the liberty to translate his email here concerning my main question about this game: "will there be any more patches for T72 ?". In fact he answered the development team is working on a new tank-game and it's highly unlikely they will start working on T72 again. So the bottomline is: no more support for the current bugs gentlemen. IMO it would be fair tell this to new customers, because they might be under the impression this game is still supported. Personally I think this is bad news, but I'm gratefull at least someone responded to my questions. Greetingz, Monk.
  14. I agree, Moon would you mind giving us some news about the multiplayer patch ?
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