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  1. Picked up the game yesterday and had a few observations and requests after playing with the latest 1.0.1 update. First off, the game is a lot of fun! Congrats to the DEV team for a wonderful release. I am having a blast. I can't wait until we get some more people in the servers. I did have a few observations/suggestions that I'd like to float: I like the concept of turrets, but I think they need more teeth. They don't do much damage and are extremely fragile. If they were stronger in both firepower and armor, it would mean defensive emplacements would be more of something an attacking team would have to strategize for and deal with. As it is, they aren't much of a nuisance. Think WWII German 88s. Maybe sturdier looking turret models to go with them? And how about AT guided missle turrets? Turrets, sensors, etc. should not count as "deaths" in the post game report. Could we have another column for these and one only for vehicle kill/deaths? How about special icons on the small mini-map for turrets, sensors, and emplacements? Can we have an icon for minefields on the tactical map so my teammates know where I placed them? Underwater shooting - I know this has been brought up before, but the idea of shooting underwater seems "off". I don't mind driving in the water - I can buy the premise of airtight watersealed vehicles, but the weapons are still based on believable (real world) ballistic models. They currently defy the laws of physics when shooting underwater. Just my 2 cents. When you bring in a supply dropship, can we have a special icon or designator on the dropship icon in the mini-map and tactical screen to let teammates know it is a supply mission? When you successfully vote for a commander the message "Vote p---ed" comes up. I think the chat "bad language" filter is modifying it. People on the fence about picking up the game should not hesitate. It really is incredibly fun. ClaytoniusRex and company will only keep improving it. I'm looking forward to seeing infantry and OGRE added in the future. [ June 05, 2006, 10:58 AM: Message edited by: Shinji ]
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