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  1. Hi Folks, Been a while. A few old names. Anyway I heard there was a new game out and tournament on. gets my competitive juices going and brings me out of retirement. Room for a newbie? Amadeus did a great jobs several years ago on his first tournament but my guess is the Battlefront guys will be out numbered by Panzerligas So is it too late to join the tournament is my first question? If not then my second is what game do I have to buy ? I have been totally out of the loop for about 3 years or more. I guess I'll have to just dive in and hope the basics are the same. Any
  2. commander europe at war had this feature. worked well with convoys too. it had smooth common sense logistics that SC series lacks a bit
  3. Honch and wushuki have the best ones.establishing Ukraine as minor at an MPP cost is very interesting. Also a decision on Axis dividing USSR upon surrender. The present situation penalises Axis units for success as it takes a year or two to limp them home. Icebergs as aircrafts. Genius. We must have this as a hugely expensive option for the UK in the next patch.
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