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  1. Just playing against the AI to learn the game so no big deal. I just cheated and went back to an earlier save / most likely what we would have done in a multiplayer game anyway. I just mentioned it in case you ever make another patch I’m sure the Entente would have demanded unrestricted access past the straits as part of any peace agreement. Also shouldn’t Russia get some territory if she is still in the war? It seems odd that there isn’t an option for UK/France to send the Russians substantial aid now lines of communication opens up? I would urge you to consider an option to “buy” Russian morale with an event that sends material aid to the Russian Government if the Ottomans are defeated. Much less risk of a revolution if Russian receives massive shipments of supplies.
  2. Weird issue with Ottoman armistice. The British captured Gallipoli and sailed past the straits into the sea of Marmar to blockade Constantinople and wreck Ottoman morale. It worked and the Ottoman Empire sued for pace. Only problem is that now the whole British-French-Italian-American Amada is stuck in the straits and can't get out as Gallipoli reverted to Ottoman control Surely as part of the peace agreement Allied naval passage should be allowed? As it is it is tempting to declare war on the Turkish rump state just to get the fleet out
  3. Also a ”Elite reinforce all” and ”Upgrade all” button would be nice. Basically it would allocate all unspent MMP to any unmoved units on a country pr country basics. I have had to redone turns lots of times because I forgot to reinforce an obscure unit somewhere. What I envision is that as a player I move the units I need to move and attack with and then use the various auto reinforce, elite reinforce and upgrade battens to ensure I haven’t forgotten some units before I look into allocation research or political influence Alternatively a filter that lights up all inactivated units able to receive reinforcements/upgrades. Just being able to tell at a glance if a unit have moved would be a help.
  4. I moved them east manually. And yes I too wish there were some options for alternate deployment.
  5. I tried the “Don’t attack Belgium” Russia First strategy as the Central Powers. I was a bit surprised to see the Russians launch their attacks against Austria Hungary just as normal despite most of the German Army being redeployed east. The predictable result is the loss of 42 Russian corps in the first year of the war for the loss of 1 Central Power units. (Then France declared war on Belgium and totally crushed my open flank after that so I lost the war big-time but that is rather beside the point ) Shouldn’t Russia adopt a defensive strategy in 1914 if the Germans do not attack Belgium? If they attack in the face of most of the German army being deployed East they will get wiped out.
  6. Will do. Just another quick inquiry. Is it possible to build fortresses in the WWI scenario? I can’t seem to recruit engineers?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I must say it is pretty cool to have personal support from the game designer. I’ll warmly recommend this game to my equally nerdy friends. (Need some PBM opponents after all)
  8. Enjoying my first game immensely and I expect I’ll be playing it rather a lot. Nice intuitive interface and lots of atmosphere. Not quite as much in love with it as I am with Guns of August but pretty close. I do have one complaint. In Guns of August there is a pre-war deployment phase where both sides deploy forces. In World War One both sides secretly pick their warplanes in a pre-war phase and forces are deployed accordingly. I think replayability would be improved immensely if strategic command introduced something along those lines. Essentially a “July Crises” pre-war turn were both sides had a number of options for war preparations. The most obvious would be a German option to forgo the schlieffen plan and instead adopt a ‘Russia First’ Molke the elder type opening gambit but Russia might choose to concentrate against either Germany or Austria for instance. A pre-game diplomacy phase were both sides would pick countries to concentrate diplomacy on could also be an option. May of the options from World War One would make sense as scripts.
  9. I realize this is a dumb newbie question but I did check the manual and it isn’t clear on this. Are there any advantages to being entrenched if one hasn’t got any tech levels in trench? One still get the cool entrenched graphics so I should think there were some advantages.
  10. Well I was sufficient impressed by the reviews and praise here to go buy the game. Took a look and played around with it a bit. Look interesting and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it. One complaint is the lack of tutorials. Not a big deal as the interface seems intuitive but it would still have been nice for those of us not used to the Strategic Command System. One complaint is that the AI turns takes fairly long – am I missing an obvious way to speed it up? Also when I change zoom my screen takes 2-3 seconds to update. Likely because I’m using Full HD resolution on a big monitor only using a 512 MB graphics card. Is there a way to change to a simplified graphics to improve performance? Again not a big deal but I would rather have a simplified map and old-fashioned NATO counters especially if it could improve graphics performance.
  11. The later patches of Guns of August had an alternate set of graphics you may like better. Take a look at my last AAR for the visual look: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=1902732 4 years old and I still pick it up regularly for a match. Makes it look more like an actual board game. Are there some good AAR somewhere that can give one an impression of what playing Strategic Command - World War 1 is like?
  12. I’m quite interested in the period, unlike the Second World War it was always a conflict balanced on a knifes edge with the outcome up in the air anytime from 1914 to 1918. We still live in the shadow of the Great War. In many ways it defined the 20the century. There haven’t been many PC games covering the war in its entirety. Despite really wanting to I could never get to enjoy World War One. The mechanics were simply too opaque for me to understand what was going on and make intelligent decisions. I even went so far as to obtain the board game version to check the charts but I was spending more energy fighting the interface then playing the game. On the Other hand the Guns of August from Matrix Games may well be my favorite war game of all time. Frank Hunter is a bloody Genius when it comes to PC game designs and the apparent simplicity of the design hides an elegant, deep and addictive gameplay. Oddly enough I though the Original Guns of August board game was terrible but the PC version bears little resemblance. When it comes to old fashioned board games I absolutely adore Path of Glory from GTM games. How does Strategic Command compares? I read the review – frankly my greatest concern is that the map uses squares instead of 6-side hexes. Just seems a weird design decision
  13. Is there a workaround for this issue while we wait for a patch to fix it? It effectively renders single player unplayable and I need my fix.
  14. What’s wrong with HoI? Once they got to HoI2 with some patches it became a very good game
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