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  1. Hallo TCs, different LOS at bad weather (rain, fog e.g.) for me :cool: and the foe . Both sides are equal (veterans). My AI crew can spot < 500 m - the AI foe from more than 1.000 m :confused: My Laser Range Finder dont work above 500m at these conditions. The enemy have better ones - they work ..... Its a bug or an programmed advantage for the AI?
  2. Hallo TCs, 1. what is the different in game between buttoned up/down 2. repair the crew the dameged systems e.g. tracks - ic it in the advanced options 3. missing the 4th crew member in T34/T55 4. sometimes i change the view from gunner to tc the angle of view is wrong direction (often at 6 a clock) 5. at the bearing indicicator i miss the 3rd level (hull, gun, tc) - at gunner station u see the hull, at commander u see gun but not the hull 6. faster turn the viewing angle at TC station at panorama view (a TC head is not so slowly than a turret....) 7. often veteran AI gunner dont attack the dangerous target later more thx 4 help
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