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  1. Not sure if this has been covered yet, but please don't put the sales value of the package on it. This saves lots of people lots of money, if I buy CD's from non-EU area I generally get packages that say CD 5$ on it, never have to pay taxes. One time I got hit with taxes thanks to play.com, putting sales value on the packaging. As far as I'm concerned there's a CD in a metal case and a booklet. Production costs of CD+case+booklet is, say 10$. Nobody needs to know more than this. :-(
  2. I would prefer to have CM on Steam, but according to BF it's not interesting financially. Physical copies and limited downloads is old fashioned to say the least and inconvenient for most users. I've been gaming on a PC since '93 I think and I do not have the space to keep all my CD's/DVD's. Now there's another silly collector edition metal box thingiemedingie that will take up even more space. This is the digital age for crying out loud, we watch internet via TV, I stream my music wireless from my server, Steam saves my games in its cloud (for some games) but BF insists on sending me a physical copy I do not really want (but need due to limited downloads)... *edit I'm not just a steam fanboy, Gamergate is fine by me as well.
  3. I guess that the one issue with modding is the autoupdate feature of Steam (which can be turned off) and the awkward placement of the game directory. I have several modded games (Silent Hunter IV, EU Rome for example) on Steam and I've never accounted any issues though. And Steam games being more buggy than regular PC games? Any examples?
  4. You're right, it might be quicker than 6 months after all, few exceptions here and there. Was just looking at the history of ToW2, wondered if the 63 Metacritic score might have something to do with the disappointing returns from Steam sales. The Metascore is always very clearly posted, and poor scores do not help. Oh well, we've seemed to have wondered way of topic here, good to see that there are CM steam group, I've joined both :-).
  5. Not sure what part of the world you're from, but if you buy non-discounted Steam games it is far more expensive than amazon selling physical copies (30-40 % cheaper on average). Steam only shines price-wise with discounts, which is fine as long you have patience, new games don't get discounted that quickly. Shogun 2 is 50 euros on Steam, 31 euros on Amazon. First proper Shogun 2 sale might be in half a year, and it might be discounted to ... 30 euros or something. Steam is not by far the cheapest way to buy games. Oh, and I believe Steam/Valve does not set game prices (except for their own of course). The publisher sets game prices, so apparently BF had a hand in undercutting their own sales it seems.
  6. Martin, since I was the one posting the link on the discount discussion, let me reply. First of all I just payed 80 dollars for my pre-order copy of CMBN. I don't mind, good things don't come cheap. High prices for niche products are fine. I even purchased CMSF and modules while not being interested in modern day warfare, just to make sure CMBN would see the light of day quicker. Some modules I haven't even installed. Silly, yes. But please don't imply we are looking for cheaper games. And games being on Steam does not mean they are cheaper. Some of the AAA games on there never ever go on sale, it's not compulsory. And sales only last for short periods, prices are readjusted on a daily basis. Even just putting some discounted back catalogue on there might generate revenue you would not have generated otherwise. All in all, it's probably the cynicism in BF's replies (golden cage prisoners, looking for cheaper games, etc.) that's not helping. In the end Steam offers a much better service when it comes to publishing games than Battlefront does (unlimited downloads, automatic updates, multiplayer matchmaking, etc.). It feels that you are catering too much for the "grumpy old grog" crowd that worry about Steam causing spam and such silliness. It is 2011 and I couldn't care less about having a physical copy in some silly steel box, let alone having a 200 page printed manual. There are more customers out there that you alienate from by having an old fashioned stance when it comes to PC gaming. All I ask is that you might consider entertaining a broader view of your customer base.
  7. An almost xenophobe attitude towards Steam from Battlefront. From a business perspective I understand their position, but the fact that Steve is not aware that Steam can be used for non-steam games is disheartening. Not smart business-wise is fine by me, but this sounds like "just not caring" about the one thing that will save PC gaming. Here's an interesting read about game discounts, and the importance of Steam when it comes to creating more revenue (and creating opportunities for indie games). http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/03/14/beyond-the-bucket-two-years-on/ Just for the record, I would repurchase all CM Battlefront games if they'd come to Steam for a decent price. Not even to play them, but to have them in my collection permanently (the woes of a scratch on my CMBB CD). /steam fanboy off * signs up for steam group!
  8. * edit... too much careful wording... I simply hate the way Battlefront feels about these -in their eyes- gamey aspects.
  9. I agree with what is being said here, I feel BFC has the priorities wrong when it comes to multiplayer. 2-3 years into development is bad bad news. I believe a lot of people (including me) are not interested in 1v1 against people you don't know, but greatly enjoy co-op multiplayer with friends. Somewhere else I believe that Steve said that CM multiplayer's greatest challenge was making the AI a proper ''wingman' so that 2x2 scenario's would be possible. I'd give my left ball for a 2x2 co-op multiplayer option without being able to go 2x2 with AI against AI. Uhm, make that my left pinky toe actually, but still, the point stands. Proper multiplayer with lobbies and co-op would push CM into the edges of main stream without having to give in to the realism.
  10. It might be too early for this game, but the Hearts of Iron 3's (Paradox Interactive: check here) weekly developers diary is very popular, 1 screenshot a week, endless discussion and drooling by the hardcore fans, and just a weekly update for the average gamers on great things to come. Advantage is that everybody knows the pace at which information is released, so everyone seems more content. Again it might be too early, but it's greatly appreciated by the community. They even do a twitter thing I believe with short updates like '40 provinces between Leningrad and Stalingrad' (trust me, it matters to people apparently ;-)).
  11. I had the same humbling lesson, as did a lot of other loyal fans, just makes us a bit more careful, which is not a bad thing I suppose. Btw you might be better of waiting for Empire: Total War, that will only take 4 weeks or so :-)
  12. I guess this post should be here, since this is where the people that dislike crappy games like ToW go to reflect on things of the past that most likely never will be the same. *sigh. To be fair, if anything, wait for CMx2 Normany ww2 thingie. It took me ages to get into, but CMSF is a good game, it's just a boring setting imho. Good things are on the horizon! But not in this subforum I think. By the time this is done, we'll all be having Windows 7 SP3 compatibility issues, nvm Vista issues.
  13. This statement alone is enough reason to buy this game.
  14. How highly anticpated is this game that a confirmation of a living patient is news in itself... http://www.wargamer.com/news/news.asp?nid=5542 Next headline will be "Moon says soon!".
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