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  1. Hi Martin and Pandur, Thanxs a lot for the answers and so fast this made it all much more clear! The game rulez. Greets Arthur
  2. Hi all, First i want to say to the game is great, finnaly a tank sim game But there are a few "strange" things about the game: question 1 : In the fire trainings mission, whe i let the driver ( the AI , not me ) drive to position 1 he takes a 90 degrees turn when he is in shooting position 1 and drives up a bit. me tanks dont stand horizontale anymore and i can not hit the camp. ( i have te mannuale drive out a bit before i can hit). Is this a bug in my pc? or did you not test the game enough? question 2 : When the shooting mission is over (or any mission in fact) in can see "the statics". i can put on markers en vectors. it appears that vectors is the places where tanks got hit. but what is markers?? nothing hapens when i turn it on. question 3: In the controls of the game i see that the commander of the tank also got the zoom mode ( with + and - on numlock) But when i am in the commander position and press + and - nothing happens. This make it very difficult to pick targets at long range (especailly infantry) question 4: About ammo : The readme.txt in the demo says cleary wich ammo is for wich foe (like mg for infantry) except for the tanks "tanks n armor piercing (BPS)or hollow charge (BKS) Well i have never been in the army So what is the difference between Armor percieng and hollow charge?? ( i guess armor percieng penetrate armor and explode .... and i guess hollow charge just penetrate their tank but without exploding ( No charge ), but what kind of use would that have? ) Question 5: In mission 3 of the demo i meet 2 men, i thing they are under my command. But when i go to the map and place a move order somewhere ( in order to move them to there) i see very short a "flag pole" on the map what dis-appears after a few seconds. and the 2 infantry men are not going to move at all. Can you plse help my how i could move other units? And also how the "move order" and other orders work with the map ( are those orders for me? or other units? do i have to select them? and how to select other units if posible?) I hope to see answer because it is a great game! but it need the right explanation with it. the readme.txt is just much to less in the demo. a downloade large pdf with a the options of the game would be nice but anyway i hope you can answer my questions. Greets AK
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