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  1. I would like to add a couple of things: Germans seem to have terrible supply in Russia, much worse than in gold. Intentional? My only game so far is in November 1942. Guess who has the largest army in the world? I imagine the allied numbers are estimates, but my Japanese have a larger army than Germany by 10 (and German losses have been light). I think the Japanese have too many units. Historically, the German army was close to 3 times Japanese. China fell to my axis several turns ago and a HUGE Japanese army (4 hq, 14 army, 1 cavalry, 1 tank, 4 special forces, 3 corps, and 5 air) is in or entering Russia. I also have quite a few units elsewhere, this isn't the whole military. WOW. Patches have helped China in Gold, I think they will need considerable help in AoD as well. One other thing; I'm hoping a graphic tweak will help me tell corps from armies easier, and no, those 14 armies are not corps I use the non 3d graphics and they are quite close. thanx
  2. much tougher in china - at least in the beginning. thanx time will tell
  3. I have bought games before that I turned out not to like - so I lost some money. If you hate the game, delete it and move on. But I think if you give specific problems and solutions, you will find that others here may just back you and you may see your suggestions in the next patch - it's happened for me. I do agree with one point you made - the operational scenarios never seem to work for me, but hey - they are extra anyway, so what's the harm? p.s. the statement that 95% of the map is useless is like saying that 95% of the world is useless. WWII did not encompass the WHOLE world, but at least you have the option of using the whole world in the game - I think that's a good thing. I would also disagree that some cites are not more important than others. If the Germans had taken Moscow, for example, they would have effectively cut Russia in half since all the major rail lines pass through the city. I could make arguments for many other cities as well - losing London, for example, would have crippled the UK.
  4. I think it is part of the "you can change history" thing. Now if the AI is building crazy amounts of aa or something like that, it should be fixed. But PvP, I like the options.
  5. haven't played much of AoD, but my experience in Gold, which seems to be very close to AoD: Russia needs that tech - level 2 tanks and inf in 41 is not out of line IMO. Sounds like you went after England instead of Russia. if you had done the opposite, you may have seen Russia getting walked on and then you could see the need for tech. I think dutch indies are neutral as a play balance thing. I could see malta still hurting supply to Africa even if the axis held suez, but I like your malta event idea!
  6. taking out the French can be very time consuming and difficult when you choose this option.
  7. i would be interested in getting this from you when it is done, at least until I see if this is fixed!
  8. Not sure I understand you, it does not show tech level, unless there is a way that I have not figured out.
  9. thanx for replies. @Amadeus and everyone else: Thanx for the input, but I use the military icons, not the 3d ones. With the military icons, armies and corps look very close to the same. Also, spotted enemies with less than full info don't tip me off as to the tech level like they do with the 3d icons because the military ones only have numbers for tech (the unit picture does not change with tech upgrades). I would like the partial info sightings to include numbers for tech to even this up. Hope this makes sense. This might be too much to ask, but I remember an add for SC2 that was great. Someone made simple sideways pictures for the military icons. The simple pictures changed with tech upgrades. This was way better for me. The 3d icons are just too cluttered and awkward for me to use. Although I don't have the game anymore, here is something similar to what I mean: The shadow is so much easier for me to use! Just change the picture to show upgrades. thanks for listening.
  10. ok, perhaps I misunderstood the 4 vs 5 experience. I'm looking at units and they still seem to have 5 stars possible for experience?
  11. I see the patch 1.4 had some major changes to exp (3 levels instead of 5 for example). are these planned for AoD as well?
  12. I'm hoping Herbert sees this I do not care for the 3d units and use the old military ones that I grew up with. In AoD armies and corps look almost identical. I find this is messing me up. Would it be possible with the first patch to do something like perhaps making the box the X is in for corps smaller, or anything that would make it easier to distinguish? While I'm at it, there has always been a problem where you can't see the level of enemy units with military icon like you can the 3d ones. Of course I can see the numbers if I'm up close, but further away you can't tell, whereas those who use the 3d icons can tell because the unit looks different. Would it be possible to have the numbers show up from further away to even this out? By the way, thanx for another great game to destroy what little free time I have. And thanx for listening whenever we have issues!
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