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  1. That's it. Thanks alot when have a free time i will back in making gold beach. Now I'm too busy. And once again thanks to all of you
  2. "Sherwood Rangers (Notts) Yeo" Can someone explain me what is this unit,it's size everything or "1 RM Armd Sp Regt" I guess that this is some regiment. Its hard to belive that on H-Hour on this same sektor land 1 or more regiments
  3. Yeap thats what I had on mind What is the diference beetwen for example american company and british or what is brigade (i mean amount of men etc.) I need this for reading a landing diagram and for making a british d-day beaches THANKS for support
  4. Thanks it will help me indeed and one question i heard that british units are diffrent than american so can someone explain me?
  5. I need as much as it need informations about gold beach landing (maps, diagrams, text) If someone could help me I'll be greatful
  6. After a long break its time to back to work on CMBO mod D-Day Pack 1.Today uploading D-Day Pack v1.0 on cmmods.com (This version including Omaha and Utah Beach) Version in English and Polish language starting work on british beaches (they'll be adding to mod when they are done) Screens: [ June 10, 2007, 03:34 AM: Message edited by: ITI ]
  7. I've decide cause a small bit of free time (you know school and others)that work on D-Day pack will be resume in june. Sorry If someone will get nerves on that but that is my decision
  8. finaally 2.5 years CMAK is in polish version thanks godness for that miracle.Tomorrow or at Monday i will have it
  9. Scenario Utah Beach is complete in 99% only brefing is need to be done (first in polish then on english version) Screens:
  10. Scenario Utah Beach is complete in 99% only brefing is need to be done (first in polish then on english version) Screens:
  11. Update 14.01.2007 Almost finished terrain only small piece of bocage is need to be done then I will start making fortification
  12. Update 27 12 2006(yet:) ) The bocage fields and flooded are allmost done, Can Any one have Informations about german defense at utah beach I have only this: (link cause of big resolutionMap and this And one note on map is somethinglike this: "encapmpement pur 50 KWK"(or linke that) what is it??
  13. Nex update on Utah beach scenario: -made up roads and buildings -starting bocage fields -all most navigation(or terrain) points screen:
  14. After finish Omaha pack witch is element of this scenario pack (but true is it that it is mod) I've started gathering infos about utah beach. Yesterday I've make a map but it is only first day of work on map (I have not much time to work every day). I will do from some time update if it something new about this scenario Pack note: As the Omaha Beach is in 5 scenearios, the Utah will be in only 1 screen from first day: [ December 22, 2006, 07:56 AM: Message edited by: ITI ]
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