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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Evidently the problem stemmed from one of the graphic options. I saw some post talking about the appearance of the grass - got curious (and not sure what I tweeked). I recently turned almost all the options off, completely fixing the problem. Now all I have to do is incrementally turn them back on. I have an ATI Radeon Ie R250 9000 graphic card which perhaps is over-rated. Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess I have more testing to do now...
  2. It has been three days since I reported the inability to run DropTeam due to the video cutting out after the game loads (my screen goes black although the audio seems fine). Has no one else experienced this? I've reloaded, updated, varied the screen resolution and still cannot seem to effect a solution on my end. What's up? Any suggestions?
  3. I had an authentication login problem on the 15th and couldn't get in, it was however cleared up the next day - no problems. Today I logged on, the game loads and then the video goes black. I can hear what going on in the game but have no view and never get to view the battle scene. I assume this too will pass. This occured twice even after I changed my video resolution. I will continue to try other work-arounds. On a lighter note, how much is the pre-order? Despite teething problems I really like it. It's a great game. I have found few issues to pick with the game's play balance (physics model, lethality, armor, ease of use, techniques of engagement, etc.) Some things I just need to work with more. :cool:
  4. Dispersed infantry and a few supporting vehicle could seriously impact the feel of the play. The addition of infantry will require new weapons and tactics - like coaxial machineguns on almost everything (and 'cow-catchers' to plow through groups of slow grunts) . On the infantry side the introduction of infantry carried Javelin ATGMs could complicate life in armored vehicles when the troops can hide in the grass at 2000m with a top attack missile or suddenly popup at 200m out of a ravine, crater, or depression for pot-shots with AT-4s. Ouch! Maybe too much realism.
  5. How are you guys even managing to login? The servers are still unresponsive to logging on. It doesn't work here.
  6. I too find I can't log on to the game anymore - old account or new. I also tried reinstalling the game with no better results. Is anyone able to play? :confused:
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