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  1. You can turn off foliage, I have because leaving it on is a decent sized handicap. (One that I'm not good enough to spare.) If there wasn't a gameplay penalty for having it on when no one else does, I'd leave it on. ---- The above was just a whine. I have no suggestions on how to fix it. Please pass the cheese.
  2. Mean thought: make the two compatable, but restrict demo users from infantry and coaxs? Or for balance just not let them have infantry mebbe.
  3. I've been having boatloads of fun with the infantry, and really I'm not bothered by the Hermes or ATGMs. I must grant that I haven't seen them much since they allegedly started shooting down 120mm and 76mm cannon rounds. Shooting ATGMs makes sense, and mortars I can see. There is a laser based anti-mortar/anti-rocket system in development now. The current problem is powerful enough lasers. ATGMs aren't that easy to use: you have to keep the target in your crosshairs, which can be difficult if they're shooting at you. And it only top attacks if you have a good lock. That good lock can take time you sometimes don't have. (And it's a drag watching your missile plunk against the side of a Thor. But the downward blast slagging the turret is very satisfying.) Someone was asking why the infantry don't show up on the tacmap? They don't give off enough energy for most sensors to find them. Try using your jump jets in an enemy base full of ground turrets. I like wandering into the enemy base picking off the turrets as I go. 'Bout all I have to ask for would be a rangefinder on the infantry zoom and maybe an ATGM team. Between the five guys you have four missiles and the launcher. Specialist dies and now you can use your reloads. Or if the riflemen are killed you lose reloads. My three bits, -Stew
  4. But the infantry can kick the flag ball along. Very slowly but invisible to sensors. =D
  5. I've been unable to join an online game. It tells me my password is no good. I've already registered, so I can't just make a new account. Is there any way for me to retrieve the old password? Or how do I unlicense so I can relicence? TKS, -Stew
  6. Any chance the demo will be some way to join a demo server with a retail account. When I hopped online to play with some people...everyone was on a demo server. Or should I just reinstall the demo version for that? P.S. Pass some cheese to go with that whine.
  7. I've watched the tracers in shells bounce up when they ricochet. It's a nice touch.
  8. MilitiaJim


    These seem like some fairly massive vehicles. And trees seem to stop them COLD. I've been cruising along in a Tempest and just stopped when I hit a tree. Maybe the vehicle should get slowed down or take some hull damage and collapse the tree? -Stew
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