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  1. CMFDR

    WW2 Era briefing format?

    Just found an article about the German Operations Orders, on @Michael Dorrosh's website? https://web.archive.org/web/20080303150400/http://www.deutschesoldaten.com/procedures/opsorder.htm
  2. Check this post by the author from that campaign's thread, the link is there :
  3. @arpella72 I've reinstalled 3.12, with everything activated and checked the two versions of the 2nd mission : the TOE is exactly the same whether you run 3.12 or 4.0. Thus if anything changed I assume it's in the scenario file. Would you still have the files you played that first time? Maybe @Ithikial_AU would know?
  4. CMFDR


    You're welcome Hans, enjoy. CMFB is good looking out of the box but damn' the modders' artwork sure makes it sexy.
  5. CMFDR


    Where is that your dumb question of your ? - You can find German troops in (somewhat) head to toe white camo in these mods : Benpark Snow Camo FJ Uniforms Ithikial’s CMFB German Snowy Uniforms (Contains loads of uniforms , you may need to rename files if you want only head to toe white uniforms. Feel free to ask if you need help) - As for "whitewashed" Panzer, you wanna look into the CM:FB VEHICLES section of CMModsIII.
  6. Great work Vein, you are one the few, thanks a lot for your time and patience.
  7. Thanks a lot for the extra details Ian, here and on cmmodsiii.
  8. CMFDR

    M8 Greyhound around?

    While we are figuring out what would be the most convenient way for you to send the SSD, do you think you could upload the ones you mentioned earlier? ie. : SPW 234’s Aris + Bullgod mods exist Sdkfz 221 (doesn't seem to exist) 222 and 223 exist CMBN Firefly Ic have an Aris Firefly mod - unclear if exact model Churchill VII (CMGL's IV would works just fine for CMBN) exists CMBN M20 exists
  9. @IanL thank you, would that mean that this mod's readme may benefit from a correction ? http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2253
  10. CMFDR

    M8 Greyhound around?

    Thank you for digging @Erwin I've updated the list in Frenchy's document : M4A1 (mid) CMFI (early Sicily camo) don't know if correct camo, but the model exists CMBN Sexton exists CMBN Sherman I exists are all three on CMMODSIII. Would you have time to upload the others you've got?
  11. Would anyone still have these two mods ? I would like to give a try to Ian's icons and they are required.
  12. (Would have edited my previous post if I would have been allowed to do so. Let's create another entry in the forum's database then ) Found one, in Spanish : CMFB - Fields of Tears: La población de Anton - YouTube Interestingly enough, the author doesn't seems to be that afraid of bogging and the Sherman have crossed the river quite easily. That changes things!
  13. Stunning work @dragonwynn, what an atmospheric writing! When is the book being published? The only things that botter me is that there are people killing my buddies, and they actually are efficient at it 😕 Would there be an AAR around by the way? I'm doing things wrong obviously, in Antons' bridge scenario that is, and I'm wondering how you guys are doing it.
  14. CMFDR

    Need help findind a mod

    Thanks a lot Mord!
  15. CMFDR

    Need help findind a mod

    Thanks a ton @Mord, Dropbox won't let me get it though, "public folder doesn't exist" it says.