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  1. New tiles are FORMED only to the east and south, but in the editor you can then shift any group of existing tiles east or south effectively opening up new tiles to the north or west
  2. Honch: The map in the latest posting of your excellent expanded custom scenario seems to have lost the extreme northwest corner. Or is that an advancing ice age that we see up there in the Canadian Arctic ?
  3. Madagascar is not exactly modded as "off map" tile since it is inexplicably located an an enclave on the continent of Africa ????
  4. These are of interest -- I suspect -- mainly to the participants themselves, and to the odd lurker. How about a separate forum board for these AAR posts? This would leave the main board and the Mod board for topics of a more general interest.
  5. Awesome Mod, Honch. Small point. I wonder why Diego Suarez which is located on the far northern tip of the island of Madagascar is modded on the East African mainland. Is there some reason why this could not be modded offshore as the northern tip of an island? At the time, Djibouti (French Somaliland) was the only French possession on the eastern mainland of Africa. We could replace it at that location with Lourenço Marques, a port/base in Portuguese East Africa
  6. Barcelona 1936 Congrats on an innovative use of the editor and a fun mod -- an improvement over the Fall Weiss mod that shipped with the game. A small point. Cyprus is a British Crown Colony at the time, and not part of Jordan (Transjordan). We should probably mod it in the same was as Malta, the status of which was quite similar.
  7. Qyusson: Congratulations on an innovative and creative scenario. Have not yet played it all the way through, but you have, I think, substantially improved on the original product. One question: Two corps, an army, and a tank corp (not to mention a HQ) for Saudi Arabia? Historically the Saudis couldn't fielded more than a few lightly-armed mounted bedouin columns in 1937.
  8. Qyusson: Why not post it on cmmods.com ?
  9. benCG: I am having touble using the edit parameter feature. When I right click on the parameter and click on edit parameter, I get the small edit window. I can change the parameter in that window, but can't figure out how to save the change to the script. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong, or missing?
  10. Terrific map, Fantomas!! I'm looking forward to the finished product
  11. My MasterCard shows a transaction date of 28 Feb for my purchase (pre-order), yet as of this morning, I have not received an email. No spam filter, now change in address. Has EVERYONE else received it by now??
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