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  1. Well, you could always use the Campaign Edtor to remove the Transfer Arrows, then there would be no more "warping" them in, Scotty !!
  2. Whatever you do, don't actually buy the CD for the printed manual -- it is a joke and a rip-off, even compared to the SC2 Blitzkrieg version. It's sized to fit INSIDE the CD case, is in some cases illegible, smells bad, and in B&W is not a patch on the OL version -- on page 3, for example, I quote: "each major power and their minor allies has a unique color" in this case all of them are shades of grey -- :mad: Go figure !! This is really the ONLY negative experience I have had with the SC community, and I wish I had only ordered the DL version.
  3. Hubert has done it again !! Congratulations and thanks to you all on another winning product!!
  4. W O W ! ! ! Exactly what time (GMT, since that what this board works on) on December 7th does this become available??
  5. www.cmmods.com maybe it was the missing "m"
  6. CMMODS is woking just fine. And it's free. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. It looks to me like you guys are just looking for another revenue source to tap into.
  7. Hubert: I tried the link from another computer in the house and it worked fine, so it's not Bell Canada ISP, and must be a setting on my PC. Thanks for the prompt response.
  8. Thanks Hubert, Yes I get the same result there. My ISP is sympatico.ca. In as much as you're in Toronto, woyld you know if they might be the problem? To my knowledge I have not installed -- or requested -- any kinds of filters. Thanks
  9. No. I can play many other You Tube videos -- although I am getting this "no longer available" message on some others as well. Any setttings on my PC that could be the cause?
  10. Clicking on Hubert's link, I get You Tube, but with a black screen and the message "We're sorry, this video is no longer available" Any ideas ??
  11. You will never go wrong if you buy anything that Hubert Cater has put his name on.
  12. I can't find this on CMMods. How is it listed? [ June 08, 2008, 05:48 AM: Message edited by: Gorgin ]
  13. Outstanding job, HimAgain, you have added an admirable feature to the game. A lot of work, I'm sure. Thank you !!
  14. These are great. Question: What is the significance of the black background on a few of the German counters, or the bright red background on some of the Russian tanks? And when will you be putting the WaW version up on CMMODS ?? Thanks for your work
  15. If some or all of the carrier's aircraft are destroyed, it should be able to resupply with fresh aircraft if it is with flying range of a base and not have to necessarily return to port to resupply.
  16. Thanks HimAgain, I was trying to copy this into WaW and not SC2 Blitzkrieg. A great job! I'm looking forward to the WaW version
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