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  1. Well, these posts certainly establish beyond any doubt that JJR (the self-styled "legend") knows how to use the Cut & Paste functions. The piece on Ike was lifted from: http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/dwight_eisenhower.htm.
  2. JJR wrote: "Reminds me of Rocky movie with the Russian,"At least we don't have to build a wall to keep our people in" --- Paulie, Rocky's brother-in-law." No, son, that was JFK in West Berlin on June 26, 1963. You've got to stop getting your history and "facts" from Hollywood
  3. Well, at least he's not a self-styled "legend" whose knowledge of WW2 history appears to have been gleaned entirely from John Wayne movies.
  4. Is the club banned? Or are you banned from the club? And why?
  5. This forum will become less quiet if we all post things twice !! :-)
  6. AXIS has a variety of meanings, and doesn't necessarily imply THREE of anything. However, in his State of the Union address in January of 2002, George W. Bush used the term "Axis of Evil" (coined by his speechwriter, David Frum) to descrbe Iran, North Korea, and IRAQ. This, in attempting to establish justification for his invasion of Iraq a few months later.
  7. Give us a hint, Hubert. Should we be looking forward to the holidays? Or will it be just a lump of coal in our stockings, and wait 'till next year?
  8. Thanks. Point taken on the MODs section -- although there is distinct Forum section for PDE -- as there is forSC2. Confusing -- at least for me.
  9. I have a few questions/comments. This file is in the PDE section of the Repository, yet this thread is in the WAW section of the forum. Am I missing something? There are transfer arrows on the map to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, California, and Cancun. What is their purpose, since the first four are off the map? The fifth, Cancun, should be on the map, since it is in the Yucatan near Merida. Sorry, but I can't get my limited imagination around this map. Guess I'll wait for the EVENTUAL release of the Global Campaign from HC.
  10. You can get the same result by clicking on the desired area in the small map at the bottom of the screen
  11. Exactly how much time are we talking about here, anyway? Weeks? Days? Hours????????
  12. This thread belongs on a site about beer preferences. Not the world's leading WW2 game !!
  13. Boring? So play the Axis side for a change of pace
  14. More convoy routes? Add them in with the Editor ;-)
  15. Calculon: This is about WW2 after all. WW2 without the Nazis wouldn't have taken place. Never the less, you can always edit OUT the symbols that you find offensive
  16. I think that there is a legal problem in Germany if you use the swastika. Thus there may be a marketing consideration if Battlefront wants to sell these games there. Like many of us, I edit them back in for the feel of historical accuracy.
  17. I know that I'll be checking this forum first thing EVERY morning for news of the release date. No vacation days for Hubert until it's out!!
  18. Kopdiakwdj: Go to the editor, select Campaign, Edit Campaign Data, and enter any End Date that you like
  19. Wow, Joe, I wonder how we managed to get on all these years without your contributions to the SC2 community !! As far as your peculiar little fixation with DRM, you really need to get out more - - -
  20. CMMODS.COM is supposed to be up until May 31st and has, I think, most all of the custom scenarios made available to the general community.
  21. Once the USA is in the war,you can transfer them to allied held territory -- like the UK. But, before US entry, you cannot.
  22. Why would anyone NOT buy direct from Battlefront in the first place? Am I missing something here?
  23. Nupremal -- What's all this about the Hawaii garrison ? This thread is about assassinating Hitler
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