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  1. At least I can remember the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup
  2. SCWWII Global Conflict uses a full world map. You could start with that. It's a good one.
  3. 1024 x 768 x 16 is the lowest res option on the Settings Menu.
  4. I'm afraid this option is not for me. I'd like for my wife to think that I'm actually working when I'm at my computer. If she heard the strains of "Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles" coming from my den, she might catch on to the fact that I had just invaded and occupied France.
  5. Actually, I think that he (or anyone else) can READ it. He just can't reply to it.
  6. Of course it is exactly his behavior ON THIS forum that is the issue. (By the way, this is not the only online forum from which Rambo has been repeatedly banned for the same kind of behavior.) I think that Hubert has acted quite correctly, in this instance, in respecting the raison d'etre for this forum, and the reason that we are all here.
  7. Did Hubert not indicate that he had a fix for the slow scrolling issue? Is that going to be in the first patch? Or is it now in the mod itself? Nupremal's global map is an outstanding work. I can't wait to play on it. What is the deal with the Repository anyhow? It's been a couple of weeks. Is this going to be a really longterm shutdown?
  8. Chargin' If you go to one of his posts, and click on Rambo's name, you'll be offered the chance to see ALL of his posts -- at which point you can come to your own conclusion.
  9. The Repository is still down for repairs following some kind of hacker attack a few weeks back. Keep checking the Announcements at the top of the Forum. I'm sure that BF will let us know when it's back in service.
  10. Well, based on the body of his posts, I guess that I am compelled to agree with JJR at least this one time.
  11. Fantastic. Nupremal's map is the Gold Standard. If HC has a fix for the scrolling speed problem, we should be in business !!
  12. Amen, Bowenw. Matrix probably has their own forum for those interested in their products.
  13. U8led: This is indeed an intriguing prospect. I do, however, have some questions about your selection of countries. In your "Middle East Coalition" you have presumambly included such potentially independant and important minors as: Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Iran and Saudia Arabia (difficult to see the latter two cooperating in any effort), but the MEC does not include Egypt, Iraq, or Syria, for example. Yet at the same time you have a few insignificant micro-states like Malta, the Solomon Islands, and Polynesia playing the role of minors. You might want to have another look at this line-up. Also, Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe. Good luck with this effort !!
  14. SeaMonkey: Care to elaborate on the "corral" technique ?
  15. As far as I can see on these boards, Kinky, you're the only one that's complaining -- and you were complaining (trying to sell your game) before the hacking incident occurred.
  16. 74 degrees, eh? Let's see - - - that would be about 23 REAL degrees -- celsius, that is. Does anybody but the US still reckon temperature in degrees Fahrenheit??
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