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  1. Nice! Is that a stock CM:SF map, I kinda recognize it, but it's hard to tell?
  2. No, indeed not. However he can easily test a bigger fuel tank for them in anticipation, of the US abrogation of the INF treaty. North Korean: Russian: You decide. PS - Looking at that launch image, its amazing to me that the tyres survive the experience!
  3. The old ditch style CM:SF, CM:A & now also CM:SF2 trenches do that.....However they are not concealed by FOW as they are terrain not units, and thus tend to attract a lot of artillery.
  4. More (sort of) new T-80s, this time the heavily upgraded T-80BVM: http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2019/08/80_21.html
  5. IHHO you are both correct. Yes Iran caused the US considerable grief in Iraq, yet their behaviour is still an order of magnitude less contemptible than the takfiris and their sponsors in the gulf states.....Personally I'd trade the Iranians for the Saudis as allies, any time! But we seem to have come a long way from Krasnoyarsk.
  6. It's been kind of quiet in here for a while, Gur Khan suggests why: http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2019/08/blog-post_22.html
  7. Lang-Ri-Sha will have many, laid out in the pattern of constellations.
  8. Looking forward to the next iteration fella.....As soon as the delta's done, I'm at your service if needed.
  9. This really touched me: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-49409125/ugandan-war-survivors-partnered-with-therapy-dogs 'Lok Oroma' is one gorgeous looking dog too.
  10. Yup, buying CM is a bit like buying all the wargames armies you ever wanted (for a particular campaign period) and all the terrain to match.....You just need to find the time to use it all!
  11. That's where it all starts: PS - @Battlefront.com If a hobo ever tells you he's "Come through time to save you!".....Run the **** away!
  12. Did Howard's little tank get to play (in the unique & deadly way that it does)?
  13. Getting that random patchwork look to the paddies right is hard.....I'm well impressed.
  14. I have only one comment on this subject.....Syrian Army ZSU Technicals. PS - Uncon Breach Teams?
  15. North Korea have been testing what appear to be extended range Iskanders for a while now.
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