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  1. I'm messing around with a LNA core file at the moment; 50+ Toyotas & Technicals, 5 T-62 tanks and about a couple of companies worth of men: Their C3 structure is rather complex (borderline tribal even)! These are the guys who will be trying to take Bishr: Don't worry, that's an old picture, it looks a bit sexier these days!
  2. Will definitely give this a look now I've completed my Coup related tasks.
  3. Maybe, one day? (it was at least twice as common as the Super Pershing)
  4. Could be worse, could be Syrians calling in an airstrike (takes over twice as long, even with veteran spotters/aircrew).
  5. Oh dear me. No John, that's a British 2lber (probably abandoned at Dunkirk at a casual guess) the barrel was deliberately destroyed by its previous users in order to render it unserviceable, it's colloquially known as 'Spiking The Gun'. Here's some AA guns at Dunkirk that received the same treatment:
  6. I'm a bit confused, is this something you are trying to achieve through the editor? With a trigger?
  7. Mine's fairly comprehensive, my dad wrote a PhD on the construction of Medieval cathedrals.....Guess who was his lucky research assistant? TBH it was a bloody good deal (although there was no way I was admitting that at the time).....I got to see a lot of really beautiful stuff, Chartres is a particular favourite, for fairly obvious reasons (& for some slightly less well known ones):
  8. Beeb is in general agreement that at least one survived: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47953795
  9. "I'll give you five dollars if you carry the gun!"
  10. I thought that was the upper section, in the vaulting, the main part below seemed OK.....Basing my comments on this image: In case anyone is wondering why it's a big deal: As I understand it, making replacement glass is not something that we are 100% confident in doing.
  11. Impressed by the bravery of the Paris fire-fighters.....They saved the structure and most of the artwork, it even looks like the rose-window is still intact!
  12. Interesting two part article detailing the interface between organised crime, terrorism & state intelligence services in Asia: https://limacharlienews.com/asia/organised-crime-in-asia/ https://limacharlienews.com/asia/organised-crime-in-asia-part-2/
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47941794 Hope they can save it.
  14. It's not a hugely relevant vehicle for CM though, even less so TBH, than the almost totally irrelevant one-off.
  15. This is where careful coordination of the briefing and visual clues on the map come in. Not all players will pick up on it, but some do.....'Them's the breaks!' as they say. Once you start pulling things apart in the editor, all bets are off.....You seem to expect miracles?
  16. You can use them add a bit of tension too.....I had hidden 'tunnels' (AI reinforcement zones) in Ashsh al Dababir, placed fairly close to the player's s starting positions, presenting him with the dilemma of whether to leave forces to watch those tunnels and if so how many troops to use and where to position them. PS - In CM:A & CM:SF2 I've taken to using similar chicanery with Exit Zones, there are always clues as to where they are, but the player has to actively look for them and then do something about interdicting them (which can be more challenging than simply cutting off a map edge).
  17. Aaaaarrrrggghh! Likewise, although this can be complicated if you use Exit Zones (which I do, a lot).....I'm also very fond of hidden objectives, of one sort or another, with a few clues in the briefing and on the map they can add a bit of immersion to the game (Ask @MOS:96B2P about his pushbikes one day. )
  18. Gary, it looks like you aren't scared of the editor, so why not experiment with mixing forces from different TOEs? For instance you can easily give Uncons 122mm Grad MRLs, 122mm Howitzers & so on simply by choosing them from the Syrian Army lists, in game they are effectively just artillery SFX after all, you don't ever see them. While you do see Fortifications, they are only identified by side or by what's in 'em.....So just chuck Uncon teams in your bunkers and Bob's yer uncle. Similarly you can add tanks or other vehicles from the Syrian Army lists to your Uncon force, if you choose them from the Armour list they will be displayed with suitable head gear on your control panel (even ISIS wore tank helmets, unless they wanted a few stitches as a souvenir of their tank ride). With some messing about and editor trickery you can make all sorts of things: Allahu Ackbar! etc. You really won't find the full power of CM in QB mode.....The game editor is king.
  19. Naturally we'll have to start charging licensing fees for our intellectual property once we leave the EU.
  20. Not without a time-machine (or a CM:BS sequel**). ** @Battlefront.com Please, for the love of god.....Don't!
  21. Not in my opinion.....But I'm a huge fan. 'Feersum Endjinn' might be a bit of a handful as about a third of the book is written in phonetic English, but TBH you seem to have an outstanding grasp on the language: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feersum_Endjinn Maybe give 'Use Of Weapons' or perhaps 'Player Of Games' a look first: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_of_Weapons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Player_of_Games The former is about as close to conventional sci-fi as Banks gets, it's a cool plot and you'll just love the Staberinde! The latter may well appeal because you are one, it examines the psychologies of game-play to quite remarkable depths for a novel. If you enjoy those, then treat yourself to this one: It's just like them.....But more so (& you'll also get to meet the good ship 'Killing Time', one possible source for my forum title)! PS - I found the (nominal) first Culture novel 'Consider Phlebas' a lot easier to comprehend retrospectively, once I'd read a couple of the others (but that could well just be me).
  22. Fairly frank assessment of NATO's European issues: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/skeptics/nato’s-german-problem-who-needs-soldiers-or-weapons-51872
  23. Do Congress still get a say.....I thought that went out with Executive Actions?
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