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  1. Not really Mosul, but worth addressing IMHO: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/27/iraqi-special-forces-deploy-baghdad-60-protesters-killed/ I dearly hope that CTS don't do it. @Combatintman I'd imagine you've already seen this, but figured I should draw your attention to it, just in case you haven't.
  2. If you have CM:SF2 installed, give @MOS:96B2P a shout and see if he will let you test an early alpha of his current concept, you might be quite surprised at just how different it is. Obviously things are massively abstracted, but the general concept works, arrests are possible, armed criminals can be made to surrender etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. I can't disagree with that sentiment.....Hopefuly they will also give us Uncon Breach Teams and the T-72M1V(2001) will make a return too (it was a decent representation of the T-72BM & BA in Syrian service).
  4. @puje Ping me a PM.....We'll get this worked out. I've a few ideas how to make things blow up in CM, just need to get a handle on what exactly needs to be exploding, when & how!
  5. These are superb.....I'd love to use them (probably mostly in CM:BS right now).
  6. @37mm could probably tell you how to hide the kludge-fix with mods.....So long as there are no actual units from that nation in the battle it would work well.
  7. It's a kit IIRC, developed from a field-mod. A recon unit I think.
  8. Interesting article from Modern War Institute: https://mwi.usma.edu/mosul-study-group-missed/ In reference to the official report: https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/Primer-on-Urban-Operation/Documents/Mosul (Public Release).pdf
  9. Interesting, but purely coincidental IMHO.....The 'V' shaped splash guard on the T-64 is too insubstantial to deflect a high velocity large calibre round. It would probably work OK for arrows though.
  10. That would depend on who you asked.....For me, it's 'The Golden Pagoda' and TBH, it was simply an experiment at making a feature for the map using some of the new terrain (various flowers) and building types (CM:BS golden domes). The Delta is the first master map for CM:HE and it will be available in the package for the player to mess with (it has no flavour objects in this format). More detailed sub-maps taken from it will also feature in several of the scenarios, including at least three from me. @puje is also using the delta for the base map in his campaign, so in that instance it will be whatever he wants it to be, or maybe even not there at all. My current project is something a bit further inland.....'The Hill' (pixeltrooper perspective): I'm still summoning the will to start the joyous task of adding the foliage. Those are awesome! I'll let you guys decide on which ones to use for the main factions, but I do have some extra factions who need a couple too.....My choices would be: H - Post Civil War Bong Hai National Flag B - Wai-Bong National Flag (the native hill people, largely displaced in the lowlands by invaders from adjacent nations) G - Maoist Insurgents I could also use a variant of the 'Black Banner' for the Islamists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Standard
  11. From my perspective this is actually an acceptable outcome.....So long as the player doesn't see any whopping great explosions and 'Reactive Armour Hit' text messages, the job's a good 'un! In my 'Nam style scenarios tanks will be so rare that their unexpected toughness shouldn't be at all noticeable and in my Golden Trapezoid' war on drugs stuff I'll mostly be using stock models anyway.
  12. Watching with much interest.....If you can create a truly functional & fitting skin for these models, I'm absolutely confident that they will find considerable use hereabouts. Still on standby for any CM:FI related developments.
  13. None. They have approximately ten T-84 Oplot, but these are not the same vehicle seen in the game. The vehicle in game is the BM Oplot, of which around fifty exist, all but (IIRC) three of them are in Thailand.....It took them quite a while to get there, but that's another story. The vehicles retained by the Ukraine were further messed around with (at least one has a NATO 120mm smoothbore and bustle auto-loader), they are experimental prototypes & TBH a dead end developmentally.
  14. It was and IMHO, still would be. @Battlefront.com.....Is there a chance you might reconsider on this? Same goes for the T-72M1V(2001) while we're at it.....It's no more inappropriate than the T-90SA. PS - Some Uncon Breach Teams would be good too!
  15. Sadly that would give the M48 a massive gun advantage it just did not have.....The US 90mm wasn't even in the same league as the Soviet 115mm. Missed the bit about the ERA requiring the 3d model to work.....If that is the case then the T-55MV might make a decent M48 after all. I'd certainly be willing to experiment with it if we can be sure that the ERA is neutralised.
  16. Presumably when he fired them, he didn't expect them to be fruitless?
  17. I love those CR.42s. If you could get one of those into CM:FI, based on a speedy Axis vehicle (so that they can fast move along a 'runway' and then 'take off' in an exit zone) I could come up with scenario that would use them. PS - My personal favourite are the night-fighters: PPS - Come to think of it, with some effort in the editor and a little 'suspension of disbelief' on the part of the player I could probably do something with the Gladiator too.....Once again it would need to replace a speedy British (or, even better, South African, once we have RtV) vehicle. PM me in our thread if you want to mull the idea over, maybe talk to some of the Heaven & Earth crew.....I'd certainly be glad to help if I can.
  18. In terms of accuracy.....Maybe. It has the right gun but the ammo & armour are too good. But in game terms, the T-55 & T-62 are probably still the best bet.....Which is sad, because we can't pit (pseudo) M-48 Pattons against (pseudo) T-54s. IMHO sometimes it's better to accept the limitations you face and make the best compromise you can.....This will probably have to be one of those instances.
  19. Welcome (back) to the war! PS - Engine 4 adds lots of features to the games.
  20. That's the one. Dude.....Yours has a Pibber! And you made it sink! That rocks!
  21. Here's a preview of the current iteration of the mod in action courtesy of @Aquila-CM: PS - Worth noting that this video really shows CM:SF2's Spies utter reluctance to perform buddy-aid.....I really wanted to have Clark Griswold running around with a Kalashnikov, but it just doesn't seem to happen in the new game (the original CM:SF & CM:A's Spies are avid gun collectors).
  22. Two words.....The first is unprintable & the second is 'Yeah!'
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