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  1. Title says it all: It's fairly trivial but it gets confusing when you have Combatants going up against Fighters!
  2. Sgt.Squarehead

    How to use insurgent forces???

    Really? Is that something new that came with CM:SF2 or has it always been so? I was never convinced that it worked for armed uncon units in the original game (it definitely worked as advertised for spies), but your research posted in another thread seemed to indicate that it did.
  3. A somewhat disturbing take from LWJ: https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2018/11/analysis-us-military-grossly-underestimates-taliban-al-qaeda-force-levels-in-afghanistan.php An utterly fantastical take from SWJ: http://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/losing-winnable-war
  4. That's from Daraya IIRC, I believe it's an RPG-29 hit, you can see the other half of the footage (from rebel perspective), here:
  5. Yup, replays are king.....I used to play real-time for small scenarios, but now its WeGo all the way, you learn so much more, even if you can't always react to it quite as immediately.
  6. Sgt.Squarehead

    How to use the Dutch

    I really love Fenneks, they are truly awesome scouts, nothing seems to get the drop on them.....Although having said that I've not used them in a MOUT environment yet.
  7. Sgt.Squarehead

    Hijacked Uniforms

    That's what we like to see.....Mix & match FTW! Blue artillery combined with Red 'Spy Forward Observers' has become a particular favourite of mine.
  8. Sgt.Squarehead

    Helicopter Mislabeled

    Russian Antigrav Stronk!
  9. Sgt.Squarehead

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Jesus would be rather bewildered by it all and that's a fact.
  10. Sgt.Squarehead

    M7 Priest

    That's not a M7, it's a M7B1.
  11. Sgt.Squarehead

    The Mother of All Demos

  12. Sgt.Squarehead

    John Kettler's Omnibus Post

    For once Luke, we are in total agreement.
  13. Sgt.Squarehead

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Meanwhile Taliban overrun another district: https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2018/12/taliban-overruns-district-in-farah-after-afghan-forces-flee.php A not very cheerful overview of recent events, here: https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2018/12/taliban-attacks-on-afghan-forces-undeterred-by-mounting-us-pressure.php
  14. Sgt.Squarehead

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Yup, I shouldn't have made the 'Never gone in' comment, as it gave you an excuse. But please, if you are going to troll this thread, do it in English.....I'm struggling to translate the troll gibberish that you post into something I can comprehend in my mother tongue.
  15. Sgt.Squarehead

    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    You didn't exactly post an opinion, you attempted to act as a mouthpiece for BfC: About the wrong goddam game.....This is a CM:BS thread.
  16. Your overt bigotry is duly noted.....Presumably this is why you attempted to pick a row with me in the Afghanistan thread, because my sig is in Russian?
  17. That seems to be a compilation.....If you take a poke around on ANNA News' You Tube channel you should find several of the original source videos with English subtitles. There were a few in this thread IIRC:
  18. Probably because that's how you climb on-board a Kingtiger.
  19. Sgt.Squarehead

    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    Did you even bother to read the thread before jumping in with both feet?
  20. Sgt.Squarehead

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    I feel exactly the same. If you have noting to contribute to this thread on the subject of Afghanistan, kindly stay out of it.
  21. Sgt.Squarehead

    Shock Force II Modding Discoveries.

    I have a feeling both options may become available in the future.....At present it seems to me that BfC have done exactly what they said they would, updated the core engine to the current spec and integrated most of the features from the newer games into the CM:SF environment. It's perhaps a slight compromise, but it's one that I'm very happy with.
  22. Sgt.Squarehead

    Dismounted trucks/Ammo dumps missing?

    It appears you can't crew swap trucks in CM:SF1 either (just checked), the general rule of thumb for that title seems to be "if you can get the crew out using 'Dismount' rather than 'Bail Out' in preview mode the crew may be swappable, if not forget it".....Trucks require 'Bail Out'.
  23. Sadly that doesn't do the trick with Webroot.