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  1. From the looks of this: The Vasilek may not be with the VDV much longer.
  2. The Russian army no longer uses the Vasilek, but apparently the VDV still has it, so there's some hope we might see it in a future CM:BS update.....Not sure if it's officially used by the Ukraine, apparently it's been seen on both sides in the Donbass, but that's not what CM:BS models. It's also been suggested that the Vasilek was used in Syria, but AFAIK the SAA never adopted the weapon, so it's likely a recent import (of one side or the other, possibly both) and thus outside the scope of CM:SF2. Just one more reason to love CM:A.....A whole battery firing together is really quite effective!
  3. Just noticed I was in the wrong thread.....I was actually looking for it for this thread: It gets kinda confusing around here sometimes.
  4. I'd second the above.....The process of adding the necessary briefing & graphics to an otherwise fully playable scenario is enormously time consuming, the more so if the battle is intended to be 'historically accurate' (whatever that is). Sadly though, I don't see how it could be otherwise.
  5. Other than making maps in CM just isn't a speedy process.
  6. The weapon above is indeed a 82mm Vasilek (my favourite artillery piece in CM:A), it's a clip fed auto-mortar.....I was looking for that video to post in this thread, so bravo to @Zveroboy1 for posting it.
  7. Shame.....As I recall the AI's not great at fortification placement.
  8. That makes a lot of sense.....Sadly the gun elevation thing really throws a spanner into the works for Mujahidin in Afghanistan & Chechnya.
  9. Oh well.....At least I learned something new. Does that apply to fortifications too BTW?
  10. Try backing it up and placing a move waypoint on the last road tile before the bridge and the first one after it.....On no account pause & wind back your replay while the tank is crossing the bridge as that invariably seems to trigger the 'bridge bug' that you were seeing.
  11. Armoured Infantry Brigade.....You'll have @Combatintman after you!
  12. We really need persistent map damage to make this concept properly immersive.....It's exactly what I wanted to do with Mosul, but as the eminently wise @Combatintman pointed out, there's nothing that wrecks immersion more than large numbers of buildings suddenly undestroying themselves between missions. In some ways CM2 was a step backward from CM1.....IMHO the absence of 'static campaigns' (followed by fire) would be top of the list.
  13. Looking forward to seeing the wider reaction to this one. PS - Happy to provide mirror hosting on DB if it's needed.
  14. No, what I'm saying is that it may be possible to build a scenario with a predetermined opfor as described above (fortified village, enemy base, urban HQ etc.) and then save it as a QB Map so that you could select your own choice of forces to attempt the challenge.....I'm assuming there's a way to disable automatic selection of the opfor in a QB (so that the only opfor forces will be those already placed on the map), TBH I've not looked at QB maps much.
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