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  1. Subtle sig. One I happen to agree with 100% though.
  2. The 25mb file worked in preview at it's location (still can't see it in Imgur). Very nicely done. "Somebody call The Roach!"
  3. I see the link, but when I click it, nothing is there.
  4. Looks like the sort of tree @Mord would cultivate.....Probably with fresh blood.
  5. We seem to be at a bit of a misunderstanding here, I was genuinely unsure of whether you understood the campaign structure.....There is no requirement to limit the variations between scenarios to: Are the scenarios available individually at all.....I'm guessing not, so it probably does come down to someone decompiling the campaign and looking. PS - That isn't going to be me right now as the PC I'm using is fit for browsing only.....Its replacement, that I just spent three and a half grand on, is sitting, in boxes, on a pallet, in my living room and has to stay there for at least another 48hrs or so, which really isn't doing my mood very much good TBH.
  6. It's OK we've had lots.....Someone else should get to have some.
  7. I'd need to decompile it and look, which could take a while. However that doesn't change the fact that this comment: To which I initially responded, is drivel. Too much of Elizabeth's fine ale? This early in the day?
  8. TBH it's quite hard to ascertain what the level of your knowledge actually is. Because this doesn't display any comprehension of the system at all.
  9. Sometimes if the forum's feeling balky, you will need to click the 'Insert Other Media' tab (bottom right), and then select 'Insert Image From URL' and then post your link in the dialogue box that pops up.
  10. Nice work, kudos to you both for spotting & fixing it.
  11. You are making me want to start messing with Trumpton again.....Loads of your Chiraq City stuff would be useable.
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