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  1. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. My condolences on losing your dog too.....That's hard to take, even when you are in the best of health.
  2. Faking attacks by setting trucks up in 'battle formation' and having them move across the map at tank-like speed was another CMAK (& real desert warfare) thing.
  3. Sweet video, but it appears the CM fortifications don't like my carefully sculpted hilltops very much! I'll put plenty of 'terraces' in 'The Delta'.
  4. Looking great now dude. Just the voice files and you are home & dry if I'm not mistaken?
  5. At some point, somebody needs to grow a pair and break that cycle.....'I had a bad time' is not an excuse for giving one to others.
  6. Distinct qualitative difference in the choice of targets there.
  7. This is an interesting site, with some smashing eye-candy: https://www.o5m6.de/
  8. 'The Culture' can really grow on you.....Did you meet (Torturer Class ROU) 'Killing Time' yet?
  9. CM is a company to battalion level game.....Why are you surprised that it struggles with larger formations?
  10. Sounds like an interesting research project George.....What have you been up to, we wonder?
  11. AFAIK for US vs NVA tank engagements Ben Hut was it, but there were plenty later between the ARVN & the NVA. Sadly we can't model any of the ARVN tanks, so we'll just have to make the best of what we have.....While it's not truly Vietnam, it still looks & feels distinctly different to any other CM title right now, the base terrain mods could be used for any number of conflicts in the wider area.
  12. I was referring to the settings available in the editor/QB.....Experience (Elite to Conscript), Training (+2 to -2) etc. The higher these are the quicker the strike will arrive and the more accurate it will be.
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