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  1. I have to agreee.....Quite how it would be implemented I'm not sure, but IMHO it deserves some thought (I wondered if FASCAM could be modelled by setting mines as reinforcements, but the game engine won't have it).
  2. The sheer value for money is staggering when you think just how many hours of gaming you can get from these titles, especially if you are not afraid to dive into the editor and have a go at creating your own content ('The Game Within The Game', as it's known to many).
  3. & Afghanistan. Just buy the lot.....We all do in the end.
  4. CM:BN is the only game more developed than CM:SF2, but it also has a few issues right now.....Some of the user created content from older iterations of the game does not seem to behave at all well with newer patches. Further there is the now notorious 'Bocage-Bug', which is driving several long time CM:BN players, including me, nuts! The grass is always greener, as they say.....On the subject of which, once 'Heaven & Earth' is released you will get another full CM:SF2 game for free (I recommend a seperate install, it really is that different).
  5. That doesn't sound right to me.....Normally if mechanised/motorised troops lose their transport they are auto-deployed on foot, in the location that their (occupied) vehicle would have been placed by the designer.
  6. That seems like a very sensible plan.....CM:BS is currently very limited scope compared to CM:SF2, but the lethality's been turned up to 11! PS - Don't forget CM:A.....It's old and it's a bit quirky, but it's also a full game at a very cheap price and it has a fourteen year timeframe!
  7. In CM:BS I've seen a Stryker's .50cal take out infantry on the far side of the smallest modular house type (single tile, single floor).
  8. Almost completely different.....Most obviously BMPs are replaced by BMD & BTR-D airborne vehicles: BMD-1 BMD-2: BMD-3 BMD-4 BMD-4M BTR-D BTR-MD BTR-MDM But there are loads of other differences and unique units such as Sprut SD: @Haiduk Am I correct in my recollection that the Ukrainian Airborne still use the 2B9 Vasilek auto-mortar?
  9. I'm hoping one of the Mod Wizards might make us some gliders to replace those goddam trucks!
  10. I thought you might approve, it's a (slightly cheaty) screenshot from 'Invasion'.....All very experimental at the moment, basically it's a variant of the Delta map, with a military base & maximum security prison located in the central 'for scenario designer use' area. You can probably figure the rest out already. It'll be quite a long one, I'm aiming for three hours or more, broken into several distinct phases.....Initially the Scout/Sniper & Recon Platoons will be prowling about attempting to make contact with the Wai-Bong resistance (who can be very useful as they are Combatants and the population density is medium).
  11. Is it possible you are confusing it with either the four 'Op Linnet' or two 'Drop Zone Charlie' scenarios?
  12. The USMC deploys to an Asiatic beach-head in response to a crisis situation:
  13. Just deploy 'em next to an ammo dump (dismounted mortar supply truck).
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