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  1. You did.....I just wasn't paying sufficient attention. Shall try harder.
  2. That would make a decent hill-village for the Wai-Bong. I noticed the flavour object boats sit differently depending on where they are on a tile & what it is.....Too far into the shallows and they levitate!
  3. My mini-campaign will take a wander up into the highlands.....It goes downhill after that! Seriously!
  4. Taking on a keyholed StuG, with a Sherman, from the front? Rather you than me!
  5. I thought there was an 'experience' setting in campaign scripts? PS - I've checked and there isn't, apparently there never was either, but I could have sworn I'd seen that option somewhere.....Must have been another game, but I can't imagine which one (one of the CM originals maybe)?
  6. Not sure.....I think @Rokko may have missed a 't' in this comment But I could be wrong, I often am.
  7. Just realised I completely misread the orientation of this image.....Somehow I'd convinced myself Ian's forces are coming from the right.
  8. This doesn't always work.....There's a chance the vehicle will flick to 'Destroyed' when the crew exits the map. If it were the other way around (Marines into an Army truck), it would be easily doable (crew are listed separately to the vehicles in an Army Supply Platoon), but that doesn't really help you much.
  9. Great stuff.....I really like this campaign! Fenneks with .50cals and the full sensor array.....What's not to like!
  10. I was wondering about that.....It put's the full-width banner slightly off center too.
  11. You are right.....I missed the x-shaped grousers on the glacis.
  12. I keep forgetting about movie-mode.....I'll give it a look, 'BeastIII' shouldn't have any issues I reckon.
  13. Can you mount infantry on tanks in CM:FI.....I forget? One of my favourite little packages in CM:RT is a StuG with a HMG team aboard, these two units in combination really can make a bloody nuisance of themselves, out of all proportion to their numbers, in situations like this.
  14. I've been amazed by just how compatible it is.....Any CM:SF scenario seems to work in the new game, with only the T-72M-1V(2001) being swapped out (AFAIK). Bit sad about that T-72 TBH.....Considering the BF storyline is fictional and just how useful they would be to those modeling the actual Syrian conflict (and that the T-90SA is still available) it seems a bit superfluous to remove them. @Battlefront.com Is there any chance we might get them back in a future patch, maybe alongside Uncon Breach Teams?
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