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  1. Nervous trigger-happy men can do dumb s**t. On reflection, once you get over the shock of any given example of Tac-AI induced dumba**ery, the CM games model this beautifully IMHO.
  2. I do pretty much the same on urban maps (as you know), it has the additional advantage of minimising the issue of doors being blocked by terrain.....A pet bug-bear of mine. Outta 'likes'.....I'll be back. PS - Do you have CM:BS? I'd really like to try this map with a modern game. PPS - Accidentally Shift+Clicking the ground floor of one internal wall (but not being sure exactly which one) of a really complex multi-story structure (lots of single tile buildings with various walls removed etc.) is probably my ultimate building nightmare! Interlinked stilt-huts came a close second though (& TBH I'm still not 100% happy with 'em, too many doors).
  3. I've said it before & I'll say it again.....Saudi Arabia's offensive offensive will end in Riyadh.
  4. Brother, I feel your pain! I started this process on the, much smaller, urban section of my CM:SF2 'Bishr-Redux'.....Still clicking (& swearing). As for map slicing & QB AI Plans.....Rather you than me, on a map of that complexity! I've done it a couple of times in the past and it damn near drove me (& my playtesters) gibbling mad!
  5. Only teasing fellas.....TBH, as I said elsewhere (or maybe earlier), I'd love to see a house BfC team take on the 'pros', using strict C2 rules and as close to peer forces as possible.....I suspect you guys would wipe the floor with them, to begin with at least (although I also suspect things might change once they've learned the game's subtleties).
  6. Took me ages to find this online (it's in loads of books): Just to demonstrate that they didn't add the camo at the end of the process (this image is also from Skoda at Pilsen):
  7. Some iffy targetting going on there IMHO.....Not sure @Bil Hardenberger would approve.
  8. TBH I've always viewed it as a very late period Spaghetti Western.
  9. While I'm not arguing with the data, that doesn't seem to match up with what we've seen in recent conflicts.....The Lost Armour site is littered with pictures of tanks & IFVs destroyed by direct hits from artillery (notably 152mm rounds). I do wonder how much this depends on whether the target vehicle was buttoned up at the moment of impact.....In a conventional stonk, a vehicle crew should have plenty of warning, but with a precision munition, there would be none. Chain detonation of ERA also appears to have been a factor in some of these instances too.
  10. Just to clarify.....In the case of the Panzer IVs we were discussing, these left the factory in a coat of plain dunkelgelb, with the two camouflage colours provided as paste, dilutable with water, petrol etc. This is not a hard and fast rule, some vehicles, notably Hetzers left the factory with complex paint schemes.....Having said that, some Hetzers too were delivered in plain dunkelgelp, presumably with camo paints for unit application. I've added your images to my collection of 'first hand' colour references.....The tricky part for modelling is that perceived color varies with scale. If I were to paint one of my 1/72 models in real dunkelgelb, it would look muddy brown in a photograph. The colour has to be lightened about 40% to compensate for the diminuative size of the subject. FWIW
  11. If you mean the IS-3s, those are clearly on parade. Specifically this one: Here's an image from the other end of the plaza that I don't recall seeing before: These vehicles DID NOT see action.....Apparently 52** of them were moved to Berlin by special train, mostly with the intention of scaring the s**t out of the Western Allies present at the parade. TBH Hiroshima & Nagasaki kind of trumped them. ** I had thought it was 96, still not 100% convinced it wasn't.
  12. Me too.....And it's just so much more realistic than 'Bridge at Remagen'. Still.....Could be worse, could be 'Battle Of The Bulge'.
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