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  1. Interesting, & IMHO convincing, rebuttal to another article that I know has been posted around here somewhere, but which I can't currently find: https://mwi.usma.edu/city-not-neutral-urban-warfare-hard/ However I thought the denizens of this thread might find it worthwhile, if they've not read it already.
  2. Try making an interlinked cluster.....On stilts: It's the stuff of madness I tell you!
  3. Regrettably my stuff will definitely require NATO & Marines.
  4. If neccessary you can set up a 'stooge formation' just to provide extra mortar (& other) ammo to your main units.....Just add a similar sized unit, set all the vehicles to dismounted to provide your ammo dump(s), then delete everything you can from the formation, before setting whatever remains to arrive in a post-battle reinforcement slot.
  5. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Unless you are trying to trick gullible westerners:
  6. Man I'd kill for that (although the maps would take quite a while to make), but the current limit is something like 4km x 4km or 5km x 3km.
  7. If everyone stuck to the same naming/tagging conventions, IMHO this would be an excellent idea.
  8. Dude, the disease affects roughly 0.000326% of the Chinese population and people are calling it a pandemic.....It's utter bollocks, just like SARS, Sharia dominated no go zones, The Steele Dossier, chemical attacks on Douma, The Deal Of The Century and a host of other BS that the MSM keep ramming down our throats in the hope that while we are choking on it, we won't notice that their lords & masters are robbing us blind. Apologies if this is too political, but really.....FFS!
  9. I'm enjoying a blast from the past, re-reading the 'Charley's War' comics, formerly of 'Battle' (a weekly UK comic book).....Probably forty plus years since my last read through, enjoying every moment and also appreciating the subtlety with which the authors & artists conveyed historical information of importance (I also enjoyed some of the period artwork errors, ones that only an old school modeller can truly appreciate).
  10. Me too, give or take.....In more or less the same period I've done nearly £20k on my modelling hobby.
  11. It's really hard to understand how the problems you describe are even possible without some sort of glitch.....AFAIK, the game just shouldn't do what you are describing.
  12. Coronavirus in China, Infected: 4520, Fatalities: 106. Population of China: 1386000000 You do the math.
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