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  1. Sgt.Squarehead

    Vehicle protection from artillery shells

    Ha! Stupid infidel! Bring your shiny new tank into the old city.....We dare you!
  2. Sgt.Squarehead

    Ukrainian Side is Seriously Underpowered

    The Oplot's ability to kill Russian tanks in the Ukraine, all the way from Thailand, is truly remarkable.
  3. Been looking at the pictures in detail, the rubble looks chunky & good! I like the rocky terrain texture too, it's a nice nod to mappers who use it creatively.
  4. Thought you might like this: It's Irag right now, not Syria in 2009, but that just shows how flexible CM:SF can be, doesn't it? Following with interest (& increased OpSec).
  5. Sgt.Squarehead

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Huh? Sometimes you worry me Erwin, you really do.
  6. With the advent of triggers the game is becoming much more reactive and these can be used in very creative ways.....If reinforcements could be linked to a set of trigger conditions in a future patch, these problems would go away for good.
  7. Sgt.Squarehead


    LOL! Sorry fella, slumber on!
  8. Yeah, that can be nasty.....Did you try the earliest version of Ashsh Al Dababir, where the tunnel-rats all appeared in a couple of waves? If you were too close, it wasn't really a firefight, just a rapid series of bangs and flashes, finally revealing a pile of assorted corpses once the smoke clears.
  9. I'm a bit scared for his BMPs, my recce BMPs usually find things by exploding! Intrigued to see how feisty (& effective) the ATGM LAVs are, in the original it could be hard to get them to engage at all, even more so to get them to survive the process.....Watching with interest on several levels. Now, show me your Uncons!
  10. Sgt.Squarehead


    Let's be honest, I think most of us would like the option of bigger maps, there's some merit to what you say, but also to Steve's position.....I don't need the whole of @LongLeftFlank's Ramadi map for a MOUT battle, it would just slow things down, but for a big tank engagement it's an entirely different matter (it was cool to hear about @IanL's T-90s cutting loose with their GLATGMs before the Abrams could engage). There's also the small matter of just how goddamned long it would take to make a CM map of the scale you are discussing to the quality you have become used to.....No small undertaking, especially if you want some reasonably detailed built up areas.
  11. Sgt.Squarehead

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Hey, don't blame me.....I only buy sensible subjects, like this: Whatever possessed me? God only knows where I will put it! Dude, you really ain't seen nothing yet.....Trust me, some of the stuff that is out there (it's really out there)! From the only moderately insane: http://www.modelcollect.com/wwii-german-landcruiser-p1000-ratte To the full on barking: http://www.modelcollect.com/fist-of-war-german-wwii-e-100-supper-heavy-tank-nothung Frankly I reckon all this stuff is a waste of moulding capacity.....Especially when there still isn't an accurate 1/72 Panther Ausf A.
  12. IMHO if you are spawning stuff into bits of a map that players can theoretically reach, you have to assume they will reach it.....Always have a cover story. PS - Using variants of the techniques @MOS:96B2P has devised it would be possible to 'blow the bunker' and prevent those reinforcements from becoming a factor in the game.....It would be somewhat abstracted, but I believe it could be done.
  13. Sgt.Squarehead

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    As at @Bulletpoint suggests, those figures represent the composition and design of the shaped charge, however the final two columns (IIUIC) give you the comparative penetration of the same weight of identical explosive driving shaped charges of various compositions (into a concrete target).
  14. Sgt.Squarehead

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    That's not even a slightly rare kit, it's a very recent Revell reboxing of the not terribly ancient Hand & Head 1/72 Haunebu kit (also reboxed by Wave): https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1119689-revell-03903-dornier-stra-haunebu-ii-flying-saucer It's OK, but there is a much better (as in bigger & better detailed) 1/72 Haunebu kit from Squadron: https://www.squadron.com/Squadron-Models-1-72-Haunebu-II-German-Flying-Sa-p/sqm0001.htm You can easily find any of these kits on eBay or Amazon.
  15. Sgt.Squarehead

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Possibly of interest: