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  1. I am connected on 1 Mbps shared with 17 users / donloaders. Ping about 400 ms (300 if I'm lucky) and game is still playable
  2. I find new drivers for my GFX at last. And problem seems to be solved.
  3. Team work? I'm get to game where two team fighting. It was be about 2x 6 players on both sides. It seams as both teams advances coordinately but I not spot any command message. May be team use other way to comunicate, such as TeamSpeek2 or ICQ like chat. But then I realy don't know what to do. If somone send some commads, I join and cooperate. I'm not good as commander but can be usefull member of team. At least as another target for enemy
  4. Yes, I'v got the same message when trying call resupply. I'm not know english too much, so I doesn't know what "fire mission" meaning It become in version 0.9.42 after commander was choosen. Before vote of commander it was working OK.
  5. OK. And I remebered two more details. It's getting even in 800 x 600 resolution and when I really near (or target) of laser firing or zoomed to firing machine (by 'e' key) or when just connect to dropship for resupply. Settings.dat: http://www.peca.cz/Settings.dat [ March 31, 2006, 01:54 AM: Message edited by: Peca007 ]
  6. At last tonight. Possible freezing while resupplaying by dropship. I just wining and need more ammo. OK, it is a betarelease -- log: http://www.peca.cz/DropTeam.log.060331.0018.zip -- FYI: I am from Czech Republic, Central Europe, so my time, just now, is 00:22 at 31 march 2006 and I date my logs to this CE time. -- Have a nice day
  7. Another try, another log and another observation. Now I play match with 2 opponents and game goes well. But when I tray shoot to tower or when I call resuply then tower fireing to missile or craft by laser (red beam) and this is just the sound that turn to noise and when fired freezes comming. -- log: http://www.peca.cz/DropTeam.log.060330.2315.zip
  8. I try fire to dropship but have fixed range on distance about 2000. Shooting go through dropship without hitting. After corecting range to 200 then dropship will be hitted.
  9. So, I try to play tonight again and have more observations. I play alone in scenario. When I just riding all seems OK. But when I star shooting then get noisy sounds and then I try control-r (resuply). Noise, freezes and funy looks on hills apear again. Its all looks strangely - minimap and status icons repeatedly disapearing and apearing again (about 1 Hz blinking), ground wanishes, trees and building still visible. After suply craft take off and get out, game return to normal state. -- Previous parameters stay in play and used resolution is 1280 x 800 x 32 bits. Ping is about 200 to 300 (:-/ -- log from this session: http://www.peca.cz/DropTeam.log.060330.2240.zip [ March 30, 2006, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Peca007 ]
  10. Hi. I guess, that the "mountains panorama" in my last post is just view through ground. But may be, the freezing is caused by internet connection. It is broadband, but by czech meaning = faster than 56 kbps modem. I have connestion speed about 150 kbps, but it is varying by network load from neighbour. -- I have zipped DropTeam.log from this session, if someone interested.
  11. I'm not sure, if I'd the same problem, but it seems similar: After a while, game "freezes". Sound turns to noise - repeating few ms of last sound played, screen lock for a few seconds. Then continue, but skip forward in game and vehicle is counts as continuing in last action defined by keys pressed in the moment of freezing. This is grade up to almost game is freezed. Then I can see some slideshow of mountains panorama and after another while game crash with "abnormal terminatin" message. -- 0.9.42 Release on Windows XP professional, Version 2002, SP2, CZ. nVidia GeForce Go 6600 - 128MB, Intel Pentium M @ 1.86 GHz, 797 MHz (wow, what is it? may be bus speed?) 1 GB RAM. -- I'm trying linux version too, but TNT2 with 32 MB is really unusable
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