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  1. weasello


    Maybe a really muffled version of all sound effects, like a wet towel overtop of the speakers?
  2. weasello

    Sticky input

    I've found in many action-genre games, information isn't double checked - send a message, send a confirmation, send a confirmation receipt - it's a three message process that can triple the effective "ping" of a server. But... Maybe they can double check key un-presses only? *shrugs*
  3. weasello

    Sticky input

    Other games get around it by doing everything on the client end, thus creating what most people call "lag." That is to say, a tank appears to be in your crosshairs and suddenly jumps out of the way. By restricting vehicle movement to server-allowed only, and by using their prediction code, it essentially removes this problem altogether - except in the most unusual cases, all vehicles actually will be exactly where they appear to be. I think the only way around it is to significantly change the way the server<>client protocol works (not likely, and will introduce more problems)... If the server can't see you un-pressing the turn button, then none of the other players can either; this system is really the "most fair" method in terms of accurately depicting the battlefield. I do hope they can come up with some novel way of dealing with the shortcomings
  4. You know, I would have pre-ordered, but I don't want to get the CD in the mail I'll have to wait till the end of the month I guess!
  5. Ooo the release numbers are getting high. I can't wait to get some new maps in the retail release! purchasable online I assume?
  6. I was curious to see how Project Entropia worked and I downloaded a copy a few nights ago.. Lo and Behold, in the beginners starting area in the spaceport, there's several dropships there! Just like yours! Of course, the Viper has massive gatling cannons... So the Q is... Did you get the dropships from a generic library? Are your art teams mixed? Is it user-added content someone ripped off?
  7. A and D on the keyboard tilt the craft and the mouse aims the craft... I think if it turned any faster it'd be too hard to control, really. There's a steep learning curve but you'll get used to it! Yurch and I are decent enough now to capture flags with the things
  8. One thing I really enjoy about this game is the lack of people saying "OMFG LAG!" or "PING TOO HIGH THIS SERVER SUXXX!"... I wouldn't mind seeing a ping for testing purposes but I don't want it in the final, public product.
  9. I ran several tests during the 10+ usage time when I was online with Yurch (on Arpinium Station) and all the hops seemed consistent and normal except for the end server - so I'm assuming the server couldn't handle the load at all. The in-game ping report also went from about 100 ms to 300 ms during this period.
  10. If I read the manual right, AP ammo loses penetration quickly in dense atmosphere but starts out quite high. Which makes sense; the shell slows down. HEAT has a lower initial penetration than AP, but over range it doesn't lose it's penetration due to the HEAT-idness of it all. Using this info, I always use HEAT at range and AP close up. I'm more liberal with AP in Icefields where the atmosphere is thinner.
  11. The seizure-inducement is due to the blinding flash on the screen, not so much the hellspawn shrieking FSSSHEEW sound that I haven't gotten complaints about... yet. Thanks for the tip, Yurch! I will check out replacing the sounds. Last time I was able to replace sounds in a game, I replaced them all with my voice saying the sound. "Boom," "rat a tat a tat", etc... Not mouthing the sound effects, saying the word "boom" made for a most excellent counter strike experience... '
  12. ^ That was my best AOL impression. My wife doesn't mind me playing all these shoot-em-up games, but what drives her absolutely bonkers (and usually results in her punching me repeatedly in the arm) is the "DUN DUN" noise that is made every time you get points. Sitting at my computer desk, the sound doesn't bug me at all - but for a test, I left the game running and went to make a sandwich and watch some TV (thus contributing to my team, as I wasn't flipping my shrike over). She's right. From an outside vantage, the repetitive DUN DUN.... DUN DUN.... DUN DUN..... Has just enough bass to permeate every room in my house, and it happens at just the right interval to make me want to invest in padded wallpaper. PLEASE oh PLEASE at least make it an option to tick off... We've got a text message to alert us to the danger anyhow
  13. I'd also like to have the ability to remove that awful seizure-inducing flash
  14. Though jammers ARE extractable, I've never actually seen anybody do it... Seems like the rounds are short enough, and jammers are in grand enough supply, that people don't even consider extracting the "disposables." Whenever I place jammers, they're in excellent locations - and I wouldn't want to lose them in any case. Back on point, however, driving an EMV truck into the base is faster, safer, and you can help defend the cutter as it does it's minute long capture routine. When you're done - it's one extraction, instead of seven or eight. Less resources deployed, less chance at the enemy gaining a point advantage on you!
  15. I did the path of the jammer when I was playing alone, but now that I'm more of a team player - just drive an EMV Paladin up to the base, and have your teammates drop near you. Portable, unexpected, and not wasting jammers on a single path.
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