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  1. Leave Hermes alone. *sob* I haven't been playing now but last time I checked, Hermes wasn't THAT popular, if popular at all. I think it's necessary to have one vehicle able to protect convoys from missiles. Otherwise this game might turn into a ATGM fragfest. If you think Hermes is too powerful *a burst of laughter*, use teamwork. Just like with Hurricanes. There are lots of vehicles able to destroy a weak Hermes. EDIT: I'm glad to see you have come up with a strategy with the 76 mm.
  2. You'll see, you'll all see.
  3. Oh and if I wasn't clear I suspect Radeon might be the keyword here.
  4. Yes, my chassis disappears too, the turret remains. Thank you for sharing your similar experiences.
  5. I get these huge slowdowns more often now after this update, don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but it makes this game unplayable. I understand normal slowdowns during artillery fire and smoke but this is way beyond normal: I just left from a game cos I experienced a huge freeze for about 10-20 seconds (my fps must have been about 0.2). I could hear sounds but graphics weren't updating. My specs are: AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Windows XP Pro 1Gb RAM ATI Radeon 9700 128 Mb (ATI Catalyst 6.3) I met a Radeon x800 user yesterday who experiences somekind of freezes too so I guess it's not all about power. Any help would be appreciated cos this is ruining this fun game for me.
  6. Let me just say that is a very cool feature. You should also add a horn so that a driver could keep pressing it with his head after he dies. And of course, eventually drive off a cliff and crash accompanied by dramatic background music. But seriously, cool feature.
  7. Yes, I agree. I was playing with Drusus yesterday and witnessed this cunning scheme. While it was a respectively laid defence formation and really slowed us humans down, it was unfair to use it against AI. AI will just get your tanks killed.
  8. I don't think there are too many vehicles cos they are all different. It's not all about weapons, but wheels, armor and speed too. Some vehicles even have special components like a scanner jammer or a blade. I like your chassis idea, weasello. Would those different components have a limit like vehicles do now? So that there would not be 12 Hurricanes driving around all the time.
  9. Relating to these reports about vehicles making weird jumps.. I found my Cutter performing quite acrobatic flips when I dug (supposedly) too deep. I believe it happened when I had worked the same area about 4-5 times. This doesn't happen every time, depends on how accurately or inaccurately you keep working the same spot. No sane person has to work the same area for 4-5 times, but you might become an acrobat yourself if you take it to the limit.
  10. I think the problem is playing just for points, points that show up in the scoreboard after each scenario. It harms teamplay. I know you guys might not be a part of this group but this group exists (I might be a part of it myself sometimes). I wouldn't go all crazy if there would be only a team vs team scoreboard in the future, but I don't know what other poeple would say about that. It could enhance teamplay when people wouldn't be as selfish as people can be sometimes. It would be an attitude change. Oh and I saw a message on this forum where some developer or tester said that this last-one-to-damage/shoot-will-get-a-kill-even-the-target-kills-himself is been added in the future, or is a part of an update already.
  11. My game loads just fine, takes about 1-2 minutes to load a scenario but I have a question for you cos our comps are somewhat similar: Does your DropTeam have huge slowdowns if there is alot of artillery and smoke going on? Do you sometimes get freezes of few seconds? I mean, slowdowns are natural, but huge freezes aren't. I don't always have massive slowdowns, but when I do, game becomes unplayable. Maybe it depends on server. My specs are AMD Athlon 2700 XP, 1Gb RAM, Radeon 9700 128 Mb. You have more memory in your video card though.
  12. Do you know any good voodoo doctors?
  13. I don't know if it's range related but when I was testing light mortar the time between launch and hitting the ground was about 16-18 seconds.
  14. Another 'feature' concerning extracting is when you are trapped in a pit and you try to extract. The plane can't reach you and it rolls and drops everytime. Only thing left to do is to put a bullet in your head. Would it be possible to teach AI to use that wire?
  15. Yeah, I love to use smoke cos it works great but it causes huge lag spikes. Usually you can still play but sometimes you have freezes of 2-5 seconds.
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