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  1. After installin patch 1.2 I thought that Ill now get what I payed for - and what did i get - nothin, now the ****ing game doesn't even start!!!! I payed 35 bucks for a disc and packing - the production of this may cost 1$!!! And the best thing is that I can't give it back cos it's not the fault of the salesman!!!Wooohooo but no problem, my second name is Rockefeller....Hope the Cocktail you drink on Hawaii tastes well you bought with my money
  2. The basic idea of a sim of modern warfare is quite good - the stryker brigade isnt the most interestin thing for me(im an old school tanker) cos stryker seems to me like extreme light tanks with the mission of avoidin troubles cos if they are in trouble, like against an enemy tank, they havnt got a real chance. What i wanna say is that stryker units are for me just defencive forces. As long as all this probs havnt been fixed im gonna play steelbeasts pro pe - thats realism!!!
  3. Hello. To be honest i dont like people saying just negative things about a brand new game but unfortunately this game almost only got negative things. The performance is often extremly bad. Even people with high end machines got lot of lag. The AI is not the best on market. You tell em to avoid the road - and, what do they do - they drive as far as they can on road to do the last meters on desert - then they wonder they get shot!!! The view of the units is incomprehensibly. A humvee spotted 10 opposing units and the AIV near by can just see two units... One of the biggest probs for me, i say me cos im not sure if someone else got the same problem, is that i cant make a square around my units to select em all at once - if i try the game freezes for ca. 3-4 seconds. The tank coms are the baddest ive ever seen. They see an enemy in front and...what do they do - nothin... Theres a lot more to say but i think its enough. Hope 4-5 patches will fix all this problems in near future!!!
  4. I would buy it in Europe. How much would it cost then with shipping etc?
  5. Hello, at first I want to ask you if I can buy dropteam without downloading, can I buy it in any store or something? Is it normal that I cant switch the ammunition types on some vehicles?! It happens sometimes that I cant shoot straightforward, the projectiles/explosives pull downward right in the ground... thanks for answers
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