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  1. Calculon

    Assault on Democracy Ladder

    Me to. Holiday coming up. What better way to spend christmas than with some WW2
  2. Looking fore a game SC WWII G.C. v. 1.04. Prefer to play as Axis. Manage 1+ turn a day. More in the weekends. European time. Anyone? johgjen@hotmail.com
  3. Calculon

    Big Tournament

    Im in. No better than spending time with WW2. And yes, let us spend some time with practicing before a tournament. The amount of possibilities this game gives is blowing my mind.
  4. Calculon

    Global Map

    Thank you fore the answer. It do look awesome, the patience one has to have before the release is painful... But what im looking fore is a detailed picture, where one can see a detailed setup fore the 39 campaign. Each unit identifable.
  5. Calculon

    Global Map

    I second this. A screenshot where one closely could study details etc. If possible even included the initial setup fore the campaign, the order of battle.
  6. Calculon

    1948 Campaign - GC

    Oslo (Capital) and Narvik is on allied hands. Bergen conquered (Soviet).
  7. A great campaign, fun to play. But i need some help to understanding it. After a while, after the Soviet has conquered most of mainland Europe, the bulk of Soviet tanks has moved to north Russia/Soviet, just by Murmansk. Why, is it fore preparing a amphibious assault ore a move somewhere? Ore is it a fault? There is also a Russian tank moved between Murmans and Narvik. Is there a "reason"? Why, is it fore "defending"? Ore?
  8. Same thing happened to me. I positioned a carrier in Japan, in order to get support fore a attacking aircraft on a invading Soviet unit. No intercept/help against Soviet aircraft.
  9. Calculon

    GOLD Tournament

    I am in to. It would be great!
  10. Calculon

    New player Email game?

    I can if you like. A turn each day, perhaps 2-3 each day in weekends european time (sat - sun). johgjen@hotmail.com. I prefer to be the axis. Ok?
  11. 51, and its terrible...
  12. The WW2 campaign isnt included now?
  13. The online activation didnt work. The manual worked. Now im soon heading fore the trenches.
  14. Calculon


    Im goin to Denmark - Copenhagen next thursday. It probably will be out then. So instead of enjoing a fine holiday, im going to think of all the blodshed that i will be missing...
  15. I understand that the focus of this game is WW1. As i understand there will be a editor who also will cover the WW2 period. Question: Will there be a Fall Weis campaign, like in Sc2WaW included?