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  1. Yep, here's the guy wondering what you think needs balancing, when (1) you know darn well the game has never been about balance and (2) all you give is a cryptic statement with a wink emoji in your arguing for the game needing to be balanced. So, champ, tell us then: what needs to be changed in the name of balance? Don't be shy now.
  2. Except that CM has never been about balance, so I'm not sure why you think that would suddenly change at this point.
  3. Because they've made it clear they have plans for other things.
  4. Newsflash: no one is ever going to give enough of a damn for BFC to change the game into a taxicab or police combat simulator. Oh, and it's spelled "enough." "Enuff" isn't a word in any dictionary I've ever read.
  5. Well, bravo, but that's not what the game was ever meant to be nor will ever remotely be close to being. No offense, but the percentage of CM players who a give a flying eff about things like taxis in a warzone and street gangs is well in the low single-digit range.
  6. The timestamp font color on Android is terrible, yes.
  7. Nothing - it's a purely visual effect.
  8. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the delete key before posting a giant wall of text as part of one's reply. It's also not exactly like we're in the late 90s and the early days of online message boards.
  9. You really quoted that huge block of text just to ask a one-line question? 😐
  10. It is nothing but a gigantic boondoggle that needs to be ended once and for all. It will never, ever work. Anyways, yes, it's more off-topic.
  11. Erwin, really, drop it with the all caps text. We can read what you write just fine without it.
  12. Stupid comments aside, the bug about the stretched necks has been reported as a bug.
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