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  1. Nothing - it's a purely visual effect.
  2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the delete key before posting a giant wall of text as part of one's reply. It's also not exactly like we're in the late 90s and the early days of online message boards.
  3. You really quoted that huge block of text just to ask a one-line question? 😐
  4. It is nothing but a gigantic boondoggle that needs to be ended once and for all. It will never, ever work. Anyways, yes, it's more off-topic.
  5. Erwin, really, drop it with the all caps text. We can read what you write just fine without it.
  6. Stupid comments aside, the bug about the stretched necks has been reported as a bug.
  7. Well, it does feature good graphics by default. You know, you can just load up the game and play it, instead of overloading your mod folder, which you have this infatuation with doing.
  8. There's a General Discussion forum down below for this sort of thing. John knows that, but he just continues on posting this sort of tripe here.
  9. Mosin-Nagant production in 1943 alone dwarfed all other years of production - to add to what @DMS wrote.
  10. Well, there are these online repositories that have been created, you see...
  11. My experience was coming out of Iraq in the spring of 2005. It was a week back in the barracks in Germany, where we underwent medical and psych screenings, easy stuff. Most of each day we had to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. After that, the 1st ID gave everyone 30 day's leave, no issues or exceptions. So, I in essence had almost a month and a half away from regular military life before having to return to my unit.
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