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  1. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/123540-german-band-of-brothers-movie/
  2. LukeFF

    A long delayed update

    I think someone is having a bad day.
  3. That's extremely old news.
  4. LukeFF

    CMSF: Pretty please with sugar on top

    It's called setting their skill level to Elite and +2 Leadership.
  5. JK, give it a rest already.
  6. LukeFF


    Why are you writing in all caps?
  7. LukeFF

    Russian army under equipped?

    I suggest you take a look at more photos of drones.
  8. LukeFF

    How to use mortar halftracks?

    Yeah, it wouldn't be a CM forum topic without you and one of your lame off-topic posts.
  9. LukeFF

    Who's winning the tank war?

    Is this a rhetorical question?
  10. LukeFF

    Barbed Wire

    Once again, you aren't paying attention to what's already been said numerous times: Battlefront is sticking to the timeline of the story, and that's that. Adding "just this one thing" (continually) adds to the development time, and BF doesn't want that at all. And, if it's so easy to mod in, why haven't we seen any ISIS scenarios from you?