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  1. Well, it does feature good graphics by default. You know, you can just load up the game and play it, instead of overloading your mod folder, which you have this infatuation with doing.
  2. There's a General Discussion forum down below for this sort of thing. John knows that, but he just continues on posting this sort of tripe here.
  3. LukeFF

    Red Thunder bugs

    Mosin-Nagant production in 1943 alone dwarfed all other years of production - to add to what @DMS wrote.
  4. Well, there are these online repositories that have been created, you see...
  5. 1995 called - they want their disk drive back.
  6. My experience was coming out of Iraq in the spring of 2005. It was a week back in the barracks in Germany, where we underwent medical and psych screenings, easy stuff. Most of each day we had to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. After that, the 1st ID gave everyone 30 day's leave, no issues or exceptions. So, I in essence had almost a month and a half away from regular military life before having to return to my unit.
  7. Capslock key stuck again?
  8. Except that, as @JonS already said, that is wholly and entirely incorrect. I know, because I went through the process myself.
  9. LukeFF

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Oh, please. Yes, I am closely associated with some of the devs at 1CGS, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion about the pricing model of both DCS and IL2. It's hardly bashing DCS when - at the moment and for quite some time now - all of the WWII aircraft have very limited single-player replay value. There are planes that have been in development for literally years now, and the only 2 flyable German planes don't even fit the map. And yes, it's pretty darn crazy that one has to buy ground units separately in order to populate the map properly. Now, if that situation changes (and it looks like it may) I will reevaluate my opinion of them, but until then, that's my judgement of where the content I care about with regards to DCS is at right now.
  10. Oh, shove it. If someone sees that the topic is about suppression from small arms, that's the discussion they should see when they open the topic - not a bunch of grumblings about health insurance and car repairs.
  11. This topic was a lot more interesting before the usual suspects starting making off-topic comments.
  12. Dude, stay on topic, for goodness sakes.
  13. LukeFF

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    No, not really. Just like with Combat Mission, modern flight sim titles are not cheap to develop. If you want to see insane prices, go look at DCS.
  14. Easy enough to look up and find with a web search.