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  1. You lucky s###. Well how good is it, is it better than cmx1?
  2. Bros? No, I made it up myself, without any influence. Anyway I prefer boyzone their so cool. :eek: Looking at games website it could be 3 days before its avaible in a uk retail shop, unless someone knows better. Iam confused with everyones reviews is shock force better than than cmx1? Is the failings on the game based on bugs or the game itself?
  3. While waiting for shock force to be available in retail shops in the UK, I have come up with a little song. When will I, will I be able to play shock force. I can't answear that, I can't answear that. When will I, will I be able to play shock force. I can't answear that, I can't answear that.
  4. Anyone in the Uk know when shock force will be in retail shops in the uk? Iam still waiting to play the game.
  5. Iam surprised that the is-2 armour in the game is thinner than what a lot of other books and websites state. I wonder where BFC got the info for the IS-2 from? In comparison the armour of all the other vehicles match what is stated in other books and websites. [ July 16, 2007, 05:13 AM: Message edited by: mav1 ]
  6. Oh well, having dense urban area and more units is more important than continous map edges. It will be something to look forward to in the future, also with bigger map ares in cmx3. Is their diffent backgrounds to choose from? Like flat terrain or hilly terrain. [ July 13, 2007, 05:02 AM: Message edited by: mav1 ]
  7. John you were at the forum long before me. So what's with the weak armour of the is-2 tank. I was just looking at an osprey book and it stated that Tiger tank could only knock out the is-2 at the side from the maximum of 1500m! In cmbb the panzer IV can knock out the is 2 at that range fromn the front! Its not only the osprey book that state this other books and website state virtualy the same. The is 2 is badly weakened in the game due to its weakened armour because if its natural low firing rate. There is also this long debate I have been reading from the past posts about the low penetration of the 76mm soviet tank gun. Has a conclusion ever been reached on it?
  8. I suggest you play that then - it would surely be a bettr use of your time than whining on and on about a game you've not played yet. [/QB]</font>
  9. I can't wait. Please let me know the answears. I won't be able to sleep at night. :eek:
  10. Was the 122mm howitzer not used as a field gun like the 76mm zis field gun?
  11. There is a few soviet guns missing. Where is the 122mm field howitzer for instance?
  12. Wow look at how the map carries of far in the distance past the map edge of the battle. oh, Iam dreaming again. I remmember a game called team yankee on the atari st not having map edges. That game is about 17 years old! Team yankee and its sequals were fun games. [ July 11, 2007, 08:25 AM: Message edited by: mav1 ]
  13. Thats an excellant flexible system. A pat on the back for the one who came up with the idea.
  14. Just thinking, if you lose the first scenario will you still move to the next scenario, even though the next scenario moves you forward even though you failed to move forward in your first scenrio. Or if you fail the scenario, do you have to play over the same map again?
  15. Its nothing to do with small maps being unrealistic or unplayable. Its to do with big maps not being realistic or unplayable.
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