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  1. If anything it seems that it will kill the engine by cutting off the air intake. Actually destroying the tank seems alot harder. Maybe by igniting raw fuel in the engine compartment.
  2. Thats one you play back over and over saying "where the f@#$ did that come from?".
  3. Haiduk I find these translations of the documents extremely interesting. Whether or not BF decides to include the big guns or not. shouldn't stop you from posting in this thread. This is great stuff man please continue!
  4. I'd agree with Haiduk also. If the 203mm was on a SP chassis you would be able to use it in a direct fire mission the same way. If it was towed there it would have to be set up I understand but it wouldn't be used in every scenario just when a situation called for it. If Cm is going to model Berlin accurately, you'd have to have heavily fortified buildings that aren't always going to be breached easily. Of course the Russians used 152mm guns with success but I'm sure they weren't bringing up heavy caliber artillery like this if it wasn't needed. After all Hitler declared Berlin a fortress!
  5. Too bad I was hoping to roll one of these up to a Berlin block and redecorate. Basically an 8" howitzer fired direct! I believe its 203mm though I could be wrong.
  6. "See I told you guys this was a rough neighborhood!"
  7. Oh man I can't wait for that!!!😀 I mean 2027 not a tantrum 😁
  8. Wow I just checked out this thread and saw you here what's up Chris good to see you!
  9. This might be the only way to get PTO for CM.
  10. Beautiful thank you guys you did a fantastic job!😀
  11. Rexford had many posts about this in the CMBO days.
  12. Here's another I just ordered. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1611211093/?coliid=I22RB1KSQ1NLKZ&colid=8XEABUSNVFXF&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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