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  1. jtsjc1

    Tank Armor/late war metal shortage

    The M4A3E8 76mm gun ´╗┐Sherman seems to have excellent armor. Too bad its over-matched by big AT guns, making armor quality a moot point. Well at least when the projectile comes through there won't be too much spalling!
  2. jtsjc1

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    I know of one AT gun that weighs about 22,000 lbs. Major tank destroyer!
  3. jtsjc1

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Now THATS a map!
  4. jtsjc1

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    I can't wait to see those Berlin maps.
  5. Excellent video keep making more! "Burn you mother!"
  6. That has to be very uncomfortable for a tank crew especially with the widespread use of RPG's in Nam. All it takes is one round at that range.
  7. jtsjc1

    Panther gun damage

    This is probably why the Panther Ausf "F" had the "pig's head" mantlet like the King Tiger and a smaller front turret facing. The Germans called it Schmalturm.
  8. jtsjc1

    Tactic or Just Movie stuff?

    The M16 looks pretty useless. Isn't the idea of armor protection supposed to be it can stop a round fired by your own weapon? No way that stops a .50 BMG even ball ammo.
  9. The 2nd edition of Sherman is just as good. I jumped on them when they were reprinted. The 2nd editions are excellent. Sherman is a 1994 Presidio Press reprint same as the 1st edition. Again I would look for these used before the Echo Point new copies.
  10. I have the 1996 2nd edition. It is the same as the original with the glossy pages and the white cover. It is published by Feist Publications. The newer ones are the Echo Point reprints. I have the Echo point reprint of Firepower. From what I can tell the originals are better quality especially the photos. They're also quite a bit more expensive and hard to find. I would say if money isn't an issue, look to get a good used copy of the Feist 2nd edition. Hope this helps.
  11. I have the later reprint of Hunnicutt's book and it shows the M4A1E8 76(w) on P265-266. Just a cutaway drawing and some pics but like Slim said not much about it. Being the last production M4A1 it also had the M1A2 76mm gun with a muzzle brake.
  12. jtsjc1

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    For all the times you want to curse the AI for doing something ridiculous, here's a great example of it reacting as probably any soldier would given the situation. He had no other weapon to use so why not put a 14.5 AP round through him. Nice!
  13. jtsjc1

    New movie

    It is an excellent book. Hopefully the movie does it justice.
  14. Nice! Great book probably the best out there on the M-26.
  15. jtsjc1

    My pain

    Wtf is the AI doing facing its rear armor toward the enemy?